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Am i supposed to feel like this?!?!
I dont feel like im losing any weight because i feel full all the time.
I only started WW last Thursday on the 24th Oct - i never feel hungry, therefore i dont feel like this is working for me??
Im on 22 pts per day and im doing mild exercise or some walking per day. Did anyone else feel like this but was suprised at their first WI? And if so, how much did you lose on your first WI?
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Is in the Zone

Don't panic ... it's quite normal to feel fuller than you normally would on this diet. As long as you're sticking to your points you'll get a loss :)

First WI's can range from 1lb to 8lbs depending on things like how much you have to lose, how your eating habits were before you first started, age and many many other things that we can't control unfortunatly.

Anyway - enjoy feeling full and look forward to your great loss at your first WI :)

Hi, I have lost 27 pounds and have only felt hungry once or twice ont his diet. I have had longings sometimes but very rarely have felt hungry. So dont worry, if you are sticking to it you will be fine! Best of luck and welcome!
i agree with the other girls, let us know how you go on at wi x
Thanks Ladies! I'll keep everyone filled in on whats happening at my WI's. How do you get those Weight Loss Ticker things so i can put one on here? x


Up for the challenge
Hey and welcome. Like the others say it's completely normal to feel full. i know i certainly didn't feel hungry at all for the first few weeks and after that it's only occaisionally. Oh and if you want a ticker just click on someones and it will take you to the ticker website. Good luck on your journey. x x
Wahoo! Done it!
Been feeling really good today! I did a cheeky weigh in at my mums house, she has WW Scales - lost 4lb in 4 days - really excited about first real WI now! x
ooh exciting..now no more peeking lol ;)


Up for the challenge
Hey! Well done that's great! Loving the ticker too :D xx

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