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hi everyone ive just bought a month of exante and im a bit confused by the book it comes with! can i use this like cambridge as in 3 a day and thats it or is it designed to have a meal as well? also do you go into ketosis with this im worried ive ordered this by mistake! had a choc orange bar and really like it :)
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Hello Bubbles:)

Yes you can use it as a total meal replacement. Using 3 or 4 (only 1 bar per day though) packs which will give you 600 or 800 calories.
If you look on the website under solutions and click on total solutions it will give you a pdf file to download the booklet. If you did not receive this in your pack and cannot open a pdf file, email them and they will post one to you.

Love Myr xxx


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Yes you can do 3 meals a day. You shouldn't have more than 1 bar if you want to stay in ketosis, but you can do any other combination of shakes and soups.

I, unlike some, actually like all of the meals - I wouldn't choose them if I wasn't dieting, but I think they are all OK.

Good luck with the start of your new diet. Let us know how you are getting on.
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Yeah, I think the booklet could be better designed, TBH.

But to briefly answer your questions (as they already have been answered by the esteemed posters above):-

Yes, you can use it as a VCLD (Total Solution). As an alternative, you can also have it with a meal a day (Working Solution.)
Yes, you do go into ketosis if followed properly, with no more than 1 bar a day. (I quite like them too.)
It's fine, you haven't ordered the wrong stuff :)


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I like to think I am quite intelligent but I had to read the book a few times and even then I thought I must have missed another one tucked in the box under all the shakes!
I'd say they could do with improving the instructions. Especially considering they are all the instructions you get - with no counsellors etc. to check things out with.


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thaks everyone i thought i was going mad!! ive done cambridge and LL so thought id try this 3rd time lucky!! i really like the bars hopefully not too much as il be tempted to eat more than one knowing me but going to try and be good. Also trying not to weigh in for at least 3 weeks going to be so hard but the scales mess my head up a bit, not at the beginning but ive come off others when ive not lose, as long as i stick to it il know im losing then hopefully have a nice surprise after all my hard work! :)
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Cool. They give you enough stuff for a shake, a bar and a soup a day. That sort of arrangement (in your preferred order) works quite well. Overdoing the bars will not only up the carb count to possibly above ketosis levels, but it'll throw out the system! :)

(I'm a creature of habit)
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The main warning about having more than one bar per day according to the book isn't so much that they might take you out of ketosis, it's that they contain a significant amount more fibre and may have a laxative effect! :sick0019:
S: 132.1kg C: 132.1kg G: 100kg Loss: 0kg(0%)
oh yeah, forgot about that. Bigger disincentive, then...


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No weigh in for 3 weeks! That takes will power in its self, but what a fantastic surprise when you do get on the scales. If you follow it for 3 weeks you will lose loads. Good luck!

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