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GP prescribed me xenical on Friday past,
Im already with SW as past three weeks(9lbs weight loss),
Im hoping xenical will speed up things a wee bit as I may be having surgery soon.
The thing is I have none of the dreaded side effects,
does this mean its not working or is my diet just too low fat,
meh Im confused.
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just because you have not had side effects doesnt mean you are doing anything wrong.

you are doing it right, it is only when you get side effects that you have had too much fat.

maybe post what you have been eating, as you can have too little fat...
but if you are not getting side effects, and you are losing weight you are doing it just right...


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ive got more to go, but getting there,
Hi Kes

Lost 5lb in the 1st week, but have stayed the same the last two without any of the nasty side effects. Have a cereal bar, banana & mullerlight for breakfast. Ham & salad sandwich for dinner with fruit, & either a jacket with salad & meat or a Quorn dish for tea. Can you please give me some hope or advice
Getting no side effects means you are doing it right! You will only get a side effect if you eat too much fat that's all.
Well done on your loss so far. x
I have no side effects either,
I did have a sneaky weigh in at mums(just before buying dodgy scales from poundstretchers) and I think I havent lost anything this week?
yikes hope I lose something before Thursday!


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well done!
im very proud of you.
see i told you you could do it!
thankfully I havent been tangoed yet,
I need to get act together,
been a stressful few days,
havent lapsed into overeating
but havent managed to eat proper meals either,
existing on snackajacks and lean ham is not a healthy way to live.
Brainsprain IMO you really need to start eating proper meals, a really good tip that I have found is to look at the terrific range of ready meals in the Supermarkets. I have had a lovely dinner tonight, "Tesco Light choices" Chicken with Baby Potatoes, 2.8 g Fat and only 270 Calories and it was lovely. A plate of Chicken mini breast fillets with baby potatoes, batons of carrots and french beans with a light chicken gravy, it was really tasty. An additional goodie point was no cooking and no washing up :D

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