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I'm doing SW at home and have been given all the books etc by my ex-mother-in-law. I started Tuesday and thought I was doing really well until last night when I spoke to the her.

I'm doing the Green and Original plan, so the past few days I've been having Weetabix with fruit for breakfast and then having a two slices of bread either as toast or a sandwich at lunch time (as I generally don't have time to sit and eat pasta or baked potatoes). I assumed this was okay as what I've read says to choose three or four Healthy Extra's a day. But she says that I should have the cereal and the bread on the same day without syning one or the other. And if that's the case does that mean that I can't have a baked potato or pasta for my evening meal if I'm on a red day and I've had bread at lunch?

So could one of you lovely people tell me if I've mucked up my first week or not? Help is much appreciated.
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There are 2 types of healthy extra healthy extra A (HEA's) and healthy extra B's (HEB's).
Hea's are milk or cheese. On red and green you can have one OR two Hea's (you decide)
Heb's are cereals/bread/cereal bars and -- potatoes on red, protein such as fish etc on green. You can have 2 heb's on green and red.

On a red day if you have cereal for breakfast and bread for lunch that is your 2 heb's used up so you would have to use syns for potato at evening meal.
Thanks for claryfying that XD. I'd synned my potatoes on my previous red day so now at least I know I've gone about things the right way and as I've only had one of four HEX's today I can find ways to use them up later on.
and also...sorry to say, but if you're using wholemeal bread from a standard loaf (800g) only 1 slice is an HEB, if you're sticking to the small (400g) size, then 2 slices make a portion...just thought I'd mention, just in case

I normally buy large loaves but as my toddler isn't a big lover of wholemeal or brown bread (or bread at all for that matter) I've got a load of small Weight Watchers brown danish loaves in the freezer especially for me.