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Cruise PV confused??


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The book I have suggests that PV/P 1/1 is easier to maintain and it all equals out after 20 days anyway. I am definately glad to be doing the 1/1 as I only did 3 days of attack and it would seem rather long to me.

I weigh myself everyday as I personally find it helpful and then I have a weekly how much I have lost as a guide.


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I also do 1/1 but if I have a special occassion such as a wedding, I will sometimes have two PPs together. Just so long as it equals out :) as for weighing ourselves I don't own scales so only weigh myself every few weeks. I don't mind that myself as the loss is bigger and I dont get stressed if I put a pound on in a day. I thought about buying my own scales but personally prefer not to lol x
I also do 1/1. I would miss eating vegetables too much if I went more than that. As Emms24 said, if I have a special event, then I'll also do 2 PP days to make up for it.

As for weighing everday, I used to in the beginning but now every other day or so. DD recommends every day in attack (even several times during the day) which I did, and my weight increased. (I'm a bloater for sure...:p)


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Also book recommends weighing daily in attack, do you do this in cruise too, or go to weekly weigh ins?
Don't worry if your weight fluctuates daily, and even hourly, as this is perfectly natural. Water retention, hormones, all kinds of things can temporarily affect it.

If you find that the fluctuations are lowering your morale, then you might want to start weighing yourself less often than daily. I've always weighed myself on a weekly basis ad I've found it to give a good, solid indication of how well the weight loss is going, without me having to worry about all of the temporary ups and downs.

However, some people find it helpful to know what foods and situations affect their body on a daily basis by weighing each day.

It's down to personal preference, really. :)


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The book was written 15 years ago (in French) remember, and his advice has changed over the years, initially using the experiences of the people who consulted him in his surgery, and now the official online websites. 5PP / 5PV is a good rhythm only for people in morbid obesity. Otherwise, he says he notices very little difference in weight loss with 1PP / 1PV (and our intestines thank him sincerely for that!!).

Good luck and remember to keep your protein levels high on PV days.

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