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Hi everyone I am new to this place and was just wondering a few things, the main one being I am really really worried that after losing the weight and so quickly I am going to end up all flabby and saggy, that is my worst nightnare! I started Sole Sourcing on CD 12 days ago, in the first week I lost 9lbs and if my scales are right then I am only a couple of lbs short of losing a stone, so in 12 days that is obviosly alot of weight. I started CD at 12, 1lb and am aiming to get down to 9, 7lb's, so with 2 and a half stone of fat to go am I going to end up needing a tummy tuck? I tend to carry all my weight around my belly, which is a bummer! at 23 though I do not like the thought of having to have surgery after all this hard work :( I am using the Palmers cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks and stuff in hope it will help, as I don't like the gresiness of Bio Oil. If anyone can help whatsoever I would love to hear from you. Oh and sorry to ramble a bit! You lot seem to know alot about this diet though and I am near enough clueless!!
Thank you xxxx
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Princess, I think it all depends on the elasticity of your particular skin, which at your age should be pretty good. You are doing the right thing by moisturing. I also use a body massage brush in the bath and go to core ball classes as I think these help.
exercising helps

I lost 5 st on a different diet years ago and they said exercie helps and it did and i am a lot older than you babe so i have bought a 6 min abs thing cos my spare tyre needs attacking on the way and a lateral thigh trainer so i am going to try that when i exercised b4 while losing weight it did tighten everything up good luck your doing well ;);)
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
well done on your weight loss so far. At your age, loose skin will hopefully not be a problem but it may be something you have to put up with temporarily as you will lose the fat quicker than the skin shrinks.

Just drink lots of water, moisturise and be as active as possible and keep your fingers crossed.

Good luck with the rest of your diet.
I have a lot to lose and will definately end up with loose skin but I reckon I would rather have loose skin and a healthy BMI than skin filled with fat and an early death! Shar pei puppies are cute and I reckon my wrinkly tummy will be too:))

I lost 4 stone first time around, and I used Palmers as well, and had no lose skin. I was 29 at the time, no kids, so pretty lucky I guess!

This time I've only got 1 more stone to lose (still need to update ticker, but I have my official weigh in tomorrow, so will do it then!), so I don't think I will have any loose skin.

It depends from person to person, but moisturising, dry skin brushing, drinking lots of water and exercise all help!

WOW! So many repiles!!!!
Thank you all so much for taking the time, you have been a great help :)
One question though, and you're probably gonna laugh! But, what the hell is dry body brushing!?? Heard a few people mention it, but don't actually know what it is! (d'oh)!
I have a lateral thingh trainer, enrolled at the gym and plan to go swimmin 5 times a week, just hope I can somehow be lucky and end up without any excess skin, I can but hope!!! You all seem to be doing so well on this diet, some of the weight losses are amazing. I only hope I can join the big losers club! lol! :) xx

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