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Evening everyone...

I need some help if possible.....I am feeling a bit confused and fed up at the moment......
I am just getting confused about points and think that I have been going well over points without realising or something....
I have been eating this Nimble bread which I thought was 0.5 points, turns out now that it is probably 1 point per slice, which means that I have mis calculated by 3.5 points today already which is not good. I just dont quite see how this bread can be 1 point each though when it is the same size etc as the ww one that is 0.5 points per slice...the WW one that is 1 point per slice is much bigger....
also. things from takeaways...like kebabs, how can one chicken kebab from one place possibly be the same points as one from somewhere else, if one is much bigger than another?
Just feeling really depressed as thinking that I am messing this all up big time and I am going to have gained this week, thru sheer stupidity in that I cannot work out the points properly.:cry::cry:
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Hi TL, having a look at your sig I can only see 1 tiny gain, so you are obviously doing really well, where you are undercounting you have probably been making up for it by overcounting other things. Its probably more so because you have questioned things. It is easy to do, I done it with jumbo snack a jacks, counting 1 point for two but its apparent 1.5. You can now learn from this and move forward, but please don't let it de motivate you, as it is balancing itself out going by your weight loss.

As for kebabs, I thought the points for these were in general, maybe you need to account for the difference in size, but I'm relatively new to WW so hopefully a more experienced WW Miniminner can answer that better.


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Ok im not positive cause i havn't got any bread in atm but ww bread is 45 calories i think and the one you posted earlier was 49 calories so the couple of extra calories takes the bread to just over 0.5 points 0.775 to be exact =1point mabye im totally off the mark here but that is my understanding.

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