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I know you shouldn't weigh yourself too often but my weigh day at the pharmacy is on Thurs so I usually weigh myself at home on sunday which I did and I had only lost 2lbs so I weighed myself again today and I have put a lb on!!!! which means I have only lost 1lb so far this week. I am gutted. I am sticking to this thing like an absolute thing that sticks to things and only 1lb - sorry for the rant but if it is still only 1lb on Thursday I am going to be so dissapointed :(
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I use my wii fit as well which like you say is supposed to be accurate so really worried this week is going to be bad.


I will be skinny again!!!

Wait for a weekly weigh in!!

Your just setting yourself up for disappointment by cheating and weighing yourself between weigh ins!!

Your weight will be going up and down, and if you continuously weigh yourself your going to see rises and freak out and then could possible think frig it im going to eat since im not losing!!

Wait for each weigh in and take each loss as a loss!!!
I would keep off the scales at home altogether. Your weight will always fluctuate during the day so you will be going up and down like a fiddlers elbow. Stick to the weigh in or you will demotivating yourself.

You might be pleasantly surprised at your weigh in. Dont worry about it until then.

Good luck.
I know but I can't help it. thought it would keep me motivated but its done the opposite. I am not going to eat though, that would be stupid. Its been totm this week as well so logically i know that might make a difference but logic goes out the window when you get on the scales. anyway thanks girls, I feel better for having a bit of a rant about it :wave_cry:


I will be skinny again!!!
Please stop doing it!!

I found a bigger loss as motivation on weigh day!!

I made the mistake of doing this at the beginning, I weighed myself and had a big loss, Got the chemist and it was a lesser loss than what I had anticipated and I was gutted!

Honestly having a surprise at the chemist is soooo much better!!
Thanks for the telling off I will stop and wait for the weekly weigh in. Your right seeing a total loss each week is a thrill. I suppose its like opening your presents before christmas if your weighing yourself in between. Well fingers crossed that all goes well on thurs ;)


A little of everything!
One pint of water weighs 1.25lbs- remember that!!!
My weight fluctuates by up to 7lbs during the day!!
Last friday before my weigh-in I weighed myself at home and I hadn't lost a thing- at the pharmacy I'd lost 4lbs!!
Keep the faith!
CHUCK....THE .....B*****DY...SCALES....AWAY. Until you finish.

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