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Hello all, some of you may remember me from last year. I lost two stone then gave up because my weight would not shift below 17st 2lbs.

Well I'm back on it now, more determined than ever.

I started at 18st 11lbs, and after the first week, I was down to 17st 11lbs.

However it is now day 9, and I have not shifted anything further?? I'm still at 17st 11lbs (nothing in the last 2 days). I know you shouldn't weigh yourself every day, but that's the only thing keeping me going, as I'm one of those people that has to see results straight away. Things seem to have just stalled? Anyone have any ideas, as I'm feeling pretty down at the moment....

I have not strayed at all! However I have been tempted ;)

What am I doing wrong?
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Slowly but surely!
Hi Hun, well done for giving LT another go! I plateau'd on my last diet and so started LT and it was the best thing I have ever done :) Try not to weigh yourself too much and im sure when you next get weighed you will have lost, im sure its impossible not to unless your not drinking enough water. If you do loose slowly maybe the pharmacy can suggest something like splitting your shakes out. I hope it all goes well for you :) x


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Losing a stone in 1 week is an amazing result, and your body has got to have a few days to get use to the change and maintain it, as you know LT is geared to 1 stone per month and you have already achieved that goal so this week chances are it will be a lot smaller weight loss. Also as you are aware weighing yourself everyday does not always show results and it does depend on how much liquid you have consumed the day before as it can quite easily still weigh on the scales the next day. I am a cereal weigher myself and today (day 12) is the first day since my weigh in that the scales have gone down and only by 1.5lb but on Wednesday morning they had gone up 3lb and I have stuck to it 100% so I new it was just fluid retention.

Please don't get disheartened, the best thing we should both do is KEEP OF THE SCALES until our official weigh in day, and if you are sticking to it 100% it will work, I was a similar weight to you and although some weeks are slower than others just stick to it and try not to be impatient there is no time limit on losing it fast the key is to keep maintaining it as both you and I know (I am back on from last year after regaining a stone after xmas and I am away in 3 weeks so it has to go).

Good luck with your next weigh in and try and take your mind off the scales, relax and enjoy your easer weekend.

Jo x


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Don't worry hun there is always someone around to help, (life is too short to be worrying, we have to concerntrate on the positives not the negatives).

Have a good easter.

Jo x

I think you need to try and force your mind to focus on the long-term gain on the diet rather than the week to week loss and what happened in the past. As said above the average is a stone a month and the pattern you lose that in is likely to fluctuate wildly at times.

How about doing yourself a measurement chart as even if the pounds don't come off the inches are likely too? Think about how your clothes feel. I find my belt nothes a major incentive :)

Good luck and take it handy


I will be skinny again!!!
Hey welcome back!!

Stop weighing yourself! wait for you weigh ins!

Why not take measurements of your body to see if your lossing inches?

Im 99.9% if you stick to this diet you will go below the 17st mark!
Chelly.. great minds think alike or fools seldom differ? lol

So have you got used to how you look yet? Does it still shock you? You must be so proud of yourself. I keep looking at my sis and telling myself ..that could be me in a few months.


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep we do indeedy :) haha!!

Nope thats the wrong way to look at it im afraid...
"That will be me in a few months" is what you should be saying :)

To be honest (and dont shout at me) but I still feel like im still fat and exactly the same lol!!


Crawling to the finish!
hey no need to be confused hun, if you sticking to the plan you will lose weight, its impossible not to... Keep going, but dont weigh in until your supposed to! Did you lose a stone the first week?! Thats amazing, So a small loss should not be dissapointing anyways as you have acheived so much straight away! well done on getting to day 9 on restart xx
Speaking as someone with PCOS is it sometimes difficult to get consistent weight loss results because my body doesnt react the same to diets as everyone else. I can lose loads in the first week and then my body goes into famine mode and then I lose nothing the next week. This is possibly what has happened to you (without the PCOS). Dont get disheartened its just your bodys way of adjusting to a pretty big loss. I am sure if you stick to it and weigh again next week you will have lost. Dont give up x

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