Hi could anyone please give me more information on WW V CD, I have been on CD for eight days and my sister in law stared WW she has lost 9 ibs eating and iv lost 5 ibs not, also everyone around me keeps telling me that they know of people who have done the CD have lost weight but put it back on, Im so mixed up I have my family saying that CD is not good for you and does not show my children a good way of a healthy diet! Oh any help I would grateful:break_diet:
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Hi Rose, i can quite happily give you my opinion, and also you are welcome to have a look at my diary which is a sticky on Weight Loss Diary.

Does your sister in Law have the same amount to lose as you???

Ok, I was a WW starter, re starter for years and got into a vicious circle with it. Weight off and weight on again.

The problem i found with WW was that the end was never in sight, standing on the scales at 16 st and them writing 10st goal on my card seemed so unacheivable.

Two things I liked most about CD,
1, Taking food out the equation, I didnt have to think about food, points, syn, calories. I knew what i had to have and when.

2, Fast weight loss, yes you have lost 5lbs this week and your sister lost 9lbs, however will she lose 5lbs next week, 4lbs the week after, and a loss of a stone a month after all?? If you look at the overall benefits then CD out weighs the benefits, imo!

Many people dont understand CD, to them its dangerous, its a fad, and all you can do is give them the facts, you get 100% of all nutrients, its the fastest and safest way to lose weight.

I am a true CD convert, it worked for me, 5st in 4 months or so, and WW wouldnt come close.


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The thing with any diet is if you haven't dieted recently you will lose a shed load of weight in the first few weeks. I would always lose 7lbs if I stuck to WW but then after that weight loss would be anything from 0.5lb up to 2lb but very rarely anymore.

VLCDs are the only way to consistently lose a decent amount each week. CD say to expect an average of 1 stone a month, I think you would struggle to find anyone who loses anywhere near that regularly on WW or similar diets.
Im so mixed up I have my family saying that CD is not good for you and does not show my children a good way of a healthy diet!

Hi, I thought long and hard about doing CD before I started and this was one issue that niggled me. My opinion only, but I don't necessarily think that it IS a good thing for kids to see a role model not eating. I have a 10 yr old daughter myself, just at the age where she could be easily influenced. I decided however, that I was being a worse role model, to be overweight and unhappy. I decided after 2 days of struggling on SS to try 790 and I feel for me it has turned out well as even though my hubby is doing CD with me, we still have a family meal together at night. At the age my daughter is at she completely understands why we're doing this and she even supports me and makes sure I don't cheat!! She's also looking forward to all the things that we're going to do together than I won't do at the moment cause of my weight ie swimming ice skating, horse riding. E ven though it's early days I would say that deciding to do CD is the best decision I ever made - I've lost count of the times I've rejoined WW. It was getting embarrassing!!

Good luck whatever you decide to do.

T x


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Id just like to add that Ive lost weight on WW and more so from the old slimming and put the weight back on. Just because you lose weight on CD it doesnt mean that the weight will go back on. It means that if you go on ANY diet and dont adjust how you eat you WILL ALWAYS put the weight back on:cry:
When i frst started WW i lost 10 pounds in my first week and then each week after that I would lose anything from 0-2 pounds a week on a good week!

Having been on CD for 3 weeks and already 21 pounds lighter, I feel is reason enough for me to change from WW to CD. I like the speed in which the weight comes off.

You have to find out what works for you, and not worry about your friend losing more weight in the first week.

If you choose to stay with CD you will see the weight fall off in no time! CD is fail proof if followed correctly.

Good luck xx


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I can understand why people are so against CD.

Most people merge weight loss with weight maintenance (re-educating how you eat). And from this perspective CD seems very ill advised.

I prefer to think of it as weight loss and maintenance sepearately - get down to a healthy weight. Then I will re-educate my body on the maintenance element - but from a healthy start point, if you see what I mean.

I also don't believe CD has any worse rate of putting it all back on - most diets carry this risk if you don't address your lifestyle and eating.
i strongly believe that whatever diet it has to be a choice you are happy with, my family were apprehensive of CD because they didnt understand it at first. after my 1st stone loss , last time they actually encouraged me to re-join this time.

i done CD last year for 1 month, lost a stone, then through various reasons, decided i could cope on my own, i was going to join WW, i didnt and very truely that stone crept back, went to WW lost 2 lb. following wk 0, third week gained 2lb. the message i am trying to get across here is that although you can have a good week at ww you can also have a bad and undo the good, on CD as long as you stick to the plan then you WILL loose!

Finally i would like to say i was very concerned that with no food when i returned to normal eating that i would re-gain, i have discussed this in fine detail with my CDC and now fully understand that the only time people regain after a diet like this is that they dont follow the management program and change there old habbits that made them fat in the first place.

This decision has to be made from you, and only you know if you will achieve what you want. its expensive but sucessfull.

Good luck in whatever option you choose.