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Congratulations to all who live in the UK...


Champion actifryer
... and still manage to lose weight! I've just survived 12 days in The Land of Plenty and returned home to France feeling like Bloaty the Bloated Bloatfish.

I found it so difficult to resist all the delights of the British supermarket and takeaway - plus I felt obliged to show my French OH the best of British too. So we had fish and chips, curry, roast dinners (mum-style not SW style), crumpets, hot cross buns, toasted teacakes, Wendsleydale (the French just don't do crumbly cheese - unless someone knows otherwise?).

Anyway, I take my hat off to you all because I'm not sure I could resist all that temptation all tha time. I know that France has its own temptations, but I live in the country where take-aways don't exist, neither do convenience foods and supermarkets close at 7pm and all day Sunday.

Mind you, I do envy the free foods you can get - I managed to squeeze in some Mullerlights and came home with a suitcase full of Splenda & Frylight!
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Champion actifryer
Well BaysideJ, I enjoy my cheese - often have it as all 4 HE when not on an EE. The wine is lovely, but I syn it in moderation. The bread I avoid totally, cos once I start I can't stop and I love it with lashings of French butter. I find that bread actually bloats me and makes me sluggish unless toasted.
isn't it funny, i always think that when i go away anywhere futher than bristol its like my will power is 0 LOL .. i expect if we went to france it'd be the same!

glad you had a good time though hunny!
oooh whenever I go to France I always have to make sure I get loads of exercise. Nothing better than a fresh croissant, or a tartine for breakfast. Same with the wine, the coq au vin, etc etc :)

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