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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Poggy, 12 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. Poggy

    Poggy Doing it for my girls!

    Hi can anyone offer some advice? I have been browsing the CD website and I am seriously considering swapping. The only worry I have is the whole counsellor thing. What exactly do they want to know and what do they do for you? I'm not good at the whole 'lets share our diet stories thing' least not 1 to 1. Is it really in depth or do they just want to know the same as the chemist when you go for LT? I need a little more support than just 30 secs with the pharmacy asst but I definitely don't want the whole caring sharing Lighterlife thing. Is CD a happy medium?

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  3. fragglerock64

    fragglerock64 Silver Member

    Hiya hun not to sure and I agree with you about the caring /sharing thing maybe its to help you understand any problems with food you may have I myself am an emotional eater and really couldnt bring myself to discuss that/and the things I eat with anyone and I know that O need to address the issue

    Hopefully someone will be along to give more advice
  4. ~missy-moo~

    ~missy-moo~ Getting thinner everyday!

    that's the reason I chose LT. Couldn't bare having someone psychoanalyse me. And neither do I have the time.

  5. tonya

    tonya Member

    I have swapped, I didnt feel analysed. In fact I feel happier and more comfortable with CD... avnt had a weigh in yet. I am also still in ketosis.Hope this helps.x
  6. Poggy

    Poggy Doing it for my girls!

    Well I have emailed the CD counsellor and am now just waiting for a call. Hopefully I can start soon. Just getting sooo bored of just vanilla and strawberry shakes!!

  7. Babynurse

    Babynurse Full Member

    A friend of mine has just lost 6 stones with Lighter Life but due to family problems she has had to stop cos she cant afford it. Anyway, she attended a 13 week course at the beginning where she was counselled as part of a group which talked about why we overeat. Ive seen her today, having been off the shakes for 2 weeks and she is eating exactly as she was before she started, so all the talking hasnt done her any good! I told her go get to the pharmacy cos its only half the price of LL and she can get all the support she needs logging on here.
  8. loved-up

    loved-up Is determined and focused

    Hi Poggy

    I have done Lipotrim in the past and I'm now doing CD, both fab diets:D

    I think the name councillor can be a bit misleading sometimes.....they basically give you as much or as little 'support' as you need (well the good ones do)

    I'm not into the whole laying my soul bare either (except for maybe on here:eek:) so we just chat about whatever I want to BUT I know I can always phone/text/email her if I have a question or a problem

    I love CD for the choice of flavours, but both diets work so well, good luck with whatever you decide:)
  9. ~missy-moo~

    ~missy-moo~ Getting thinner everyday!

    Does anyone know how much CD is?


  10. loved-up

    loved-up Is determined and focused

    Hi Hoolie

    It varies slightly from CDC to CDC and some of them charge slightly more for some products (such as the cartons of shake, choc bars or porridge)

    but I pay (for 3 products a day) about £36 a week
  11. catssseyes

    catssseyes Team 1 all the way!

    This week my cambridge packs cost £37 but it depends on what you buy.
    My counsellor is nothing like a 'let's share our stories' etc. She's lovely. I go, weigh, have a chat about anything and everything, get my stuff and off we go. If I have a question, she will answer it, and if I don't, we usually chat bout Dancing on Ice. Lol.
    I know I always say this when people ask about changing from LT to CD, but, it was the best thing I have ever done. I couldn't stick the taste of the shakes any longer than I did (1 and half wks!Haha!) and love the variety of CD.
    There's a diet for everyone to succeed on, CD is mine.
  12. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Agree with ya there. Though some are better at 'reading' what is wanted more than others I suspect.

    Best of luck Poggy :)
  13. Poggy

    Poggy Doing it for my girls!

    Well I now have an appointment for Tues evening so I guess I'll be starting on Weds. She sounded lovely on the phone so I'm really looking forward to it...28 flavours!!! Yum! Only problem is my LT supply runs out on Sat so I'm gonna have to refeed for a few days. Just hope I can do that without going mad and putting on half a stone before my appointment :p
  14. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    Good luck with CD chick xx

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