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Considering CD- any advice???

Hey welcome to minimins. I would recommend it. great losses it is hard the 1st few days but once you get into ketosis you stop ben hungry and then once you get week one weigh in over it will spur you on to keep going. You wont gain it all back if you follow it 100% and move up the plans properly and that :)


Must do it this time
hey betty boop and welcome to minis,
im on cd and i can say that yes its hard the 1st few days sometimes for people even a week or 2,but it really is soooo worth it.i did have a break from it in the summer and yes i did put some weight back on but that is purely because all caution went out the window and i had a total blowout and never even cared what i ate,and as with any diet you do, if you dont look at what you eat you will put the weight back on.
im in ireland and pay 60 euro for a weeks supply of packs so i dont know how much it is in uk(if thats where you are)but 60 euro is nothing compared to what i would fork out for take aways and just pure junk food in a week,i really notice a difference in my wallet thats for sure.
i think to start cd you really must be in the right frame but when your in full swing its fantastic,ireally wish you the very best of luck whatever you decide hun.
do you have much to lose and have you tried many other diets?
I would definitely recommend it, it's the only diet I have ever done where I have seen results near enough immediately!

It is hard in the beginning - but it does get better and show me a diet that is easy????

It doesn't go back on if you follow the plans and there are loads of people on here who prove that and have maintained for a long time.

It is a lot of money however if you sat down and worked out how much you spend per week on food and alcohol including all those little mini trips to the corner shop and takeaways and garage stops my CD costs me a lot less.

CD is massively worth it!!!!!!

Good luck with whatever path you decide to take :D


sisters of slim
go for it ,just had my first weigh in and well it speaks for itself,as for the money,if you add up what you eat a week it balances itself out,because on sole source then you dont have food,just cd soups,shakes,and bars and water,so no shopping.
i do have a fair bit to lose, i don't have a great deal of willpower so if i decide to do then this site could really help me A LOT! My fella is skinny and can eat what he likes so that is where i usually go wrong!! i have tried weight watchers and slimming world but find it really difficult to stick to!! thanks for the advice!


Must do it this time
most people on here have tried every other diet before doing cd,but it really is worth it hun,honest it is,and to be honest i would never have stuck to it had it not been for this site it really is a god send,but even if you dont do cd there is plenty of other forums with every other diet for support on it,so stick around and post alot,it really helps when you need it most.
willpower is needed most the 1st few days,so be warned its not an easy time but once past those its fab,let us know what you decide,
Good luck hunni.

start upping your water intake now and cut out/down on your carb intake , as these things can make your 1st week easier.xx
Susan is right, you need to cut down on your carbs before you start, well at least do not have a last blow out before you start as you wont go into ketosis until you have used up all your glycogen supplies in your liver. I started by eating fish and lean meat and veggies up until I started on cd. Then you will find that you are hungry for the first few days and develop a horrid taste in your mouth. I brushed my teeth numerous time and used a non alcohol mouth wash. After about 4 days I suddenly had more energy and didnt feel hungry. Didnt use ketostix but presume I had entered ketosis. It has been pretty much plain sailing since then, Seven weeks in and over 2 stone lost. Depending on how much you need to lose you may loose it faster or a bit slower. But they say if you stick to it you will lose about a stone amonth. I think it is fab. I am not hungry, and I can really see that the weight is coming off now. Just try it a day at a time, but also try and stick with it until you are in ketosis, then you'll see why everyone else is raving about it. I also found looking at the before and after photos really inspirational. It convinced me I could do it too! and so can you



Mistress of the Dark
hi all
i am totally new to all this but I am considering the cambridge diet, any advice?? is it tough? does the weight come back when you introduce food? is it worth the money??? please help! so confused!!
hi betty boop!

i would say that yes, it is tough. you have to be 110% committed to succeeding and reducing your weight for it to work especially if you are going on one of the lowest calorie plans like Sole Source (i'm on Sole Source).

the weight does not come back when you start eating food as long as you work back up the plans and learn from the maintenance stage. take a look at icemoose as an example. he lost loads and has maintained his weight for about 3 years i think.

it is so worth the money if you really stick to it. i worked out today that it has cost me about £360 so far but the money is not what is on my mind. it's the fact that i have lost 3st in 2 months and i haven't had to count calories! i don't have to worry about food and i can start all over again with food when i start maintaining. i can do it right this time and not eat shedloads of crap!

you have to have a lot of willpower and you have to want to lose weight so badly that you are willing to give up food for a while.

it's the best decision i have ever made but i know it isn't for everyone.

let us know what you decide to do, and good luck! if you have any other questions you can always ask :)

Gem x


Must do it this time
just want to wish you luck for your start on wednesday hun,
post on here alot and drink,drink,drink,the water as much as you can handle.
we will all be here to support you when ever you need it so go into this with the right frame of mind and know that it is only temporary and that it will change your life for the better and you will do great,
soontobelittle is right - you can go back to a weight you want and then start eating properly. its day 2 for me. day 1 was HELL and i am not sure how i got through it, but today has been good and I feel good about it. Just waiting for the pounds to drop now.

if you are thinking about it give it a go and see what happens. follow your instinct.
Hi Bettyboo (& everyone else :) )
I'm on day two of cambridge & while I don't feel any different weight wise yet i'm feeling really empowered by the fact i'm doing something to lose weight & the fact this diet works quite quickly is helping me. We sound similar, i've tried slimming world & it worked (for my wedding, lost 2 stone) but got stuck in a rut & now can't stick to it to save my life! My hubby is also skinny & doesn't have to think about what he eats which is great for him but not me!!

I want to lose about 3 stone, put the 2 + 1 that i lost for my wedding back on (in 3yrs) and i'm now so depressed about my weight i'm giving this a try. When I met my husband 10 yrs ago I was a size 8 which gradually crept up to a 14 & i'm now 16-18. My goal is size 10-12.

I agree with what everyone else has said though in that you have to be in the right frame of mind & i totally am. I've never been a huge eater, just eat the wrong things & I think my weight first went to pot when I discovered alcohol!! The thought of not drinking worries me in that I don't know if I can do it, but then really 'thinking' about it, it doesn't bother me.

My plan is to try this for a month & see how I find it, then hopefully stay on the diet until I lose 3 stone, then follow the plan to re-introduce food & then probably go back on slimming world to maintain and be good 6 days & have a treat day (not going crazy but maybe a few drinks and little naughty meal).

I found yesterday extremely hard but it wasn't cos I was hungry, although I was, but more because I knew I couldn't eat. Today has been fine as i've been at work and not had time to think.

I think its going to be a hard diet to follow but there are so many people that have had fab results from it that that makes mind up!!

I can't wait to be thin again & healthy :)

Good luck to all & let me know how you get on

Kirsty xxx
CD day 2 :)
Gem (soontobelittlegem),

Just wanted to say you have done fantastically well in losing 3 stone and I hope I can maintain the will power I Have at the moment & the will power you have had. I'm so depressed about my weight I am willing to give up food and alcohol to be happy. It initially seems alot of money but not really seens as you don't buy food!

Anyway, i'm rambling. I really hope you achieve your goal weight on this diet, you deserve it for your will power. I'm def going to keep coming on this forum for support and motivation. I can't wait to get weighed on Saturday. Apart from the constant trips to the loo i'm feeling ok :)

Kirsty xxx


Mistress of the Dark
thanks Kirsty! you can do it, have faith in yourself!

you sound so like me when i started. i was really depressed about my weight. i was a recluse-never went out, wouldn't go to work half the time. but now i have so much more confidence and i know i'm not even at my goal yet!

last night i went and joined a jazzercise class on my own and loved it! i am not the same depressed Gem i was before CD!

if you ever fancy a chat or want to know anything i am always about. i'm on msn if you have it [email protected]

gem x
Thanks for all your messages of support, it really means a lot. It is my first day today and I'm finding it ok! Feeling a bit hungry but I'm trying to stay busy so its all good!! I'm finding drinking all that water the hardest bit!! I am definitely in a different frame of mind to when I did the other diets, the choice of what to eat is taken away from me which I am loving! Just can't wait for the ketosis to kick in now!!
Hi Gem,

Thanks for the support, i don't have msn but am on facebook if you are? Or can chat on here!!

Still doing ok, weighed myself on my scales & don't quite believe them as they say i've lost 7lb! & I have 2 days before I get weighed with my counsellor & 3 days til its been a week. I am starting to feel less bloated though. I carry most of the weight around my middle & i am feeling a bit trimmer which is great :)

Had a bit of a set back today but wasn't my fault, was on an away day with work today & was ok as told it was a hot & cold buffet so thought i'd be ok and could stick to chicken & salad. Didn't happen - it was steak and ale pie or veggie lasagne. So I went for the steak pie with veg but only ate the meat & left the pie crust so praying it doesn't impact to much. But wasn't even tempted with pudding or nibbles throughout the day :)
Decided to only have two shakes today instead of three to have the 130 odd calories less due to the food at work.

Well done you on joining the class on your own!! I honestly think you've done fantastically well so far, like loads of other people on here. And I think its that that is encouraging that normal people can stick to it and lose the weight. Its all well & good seeing people in slimming magazines who've lost but they kind of don't seem real. I think forums like this (for any topic not just dieting) can be fantastic tools of support. Cos sometimes its easier to talk to strangers and/or put things in writing rather than speaking them; and obviously everyone is on the forum for the same reason!

Again i've rambled! But anyway, keep up the good work, I only hope I can do as well as you. Worked out that 3.5lb a week til xmas (12 weeks) would be 3 stone which is target (may want more once i get there!) which seems achievable with the weight loss you can achieve on this diet.

Day 4 and i'm still as motivated & happy doing this as when I started! :)

Take care hun, hope to keep in touch
Kirsty xxx

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