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considering CD

At the beginning of 2009 I lost 4 stone on lipotrim and was delighted. I stupidly did not follow the maintainance properly and have gained just over half of what i lost :-( I can not face lipotrim again with the same flavour repeatedly but it did work well for me.
I have heard CD is a good alternative. Coudl anyone give my their thoughts about this and also how much it cost. Lipotrim was £36 a week. I went to lighterlife this morning but it was £70 a week and the group sessions were not at good times for me so do not want to go down this road.:confused:

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Cambridge is fantastic. Just as good as lighterlife and half the price. You will do this hun, and honestly, the choice of flavours of soups, bars, shakes and even porridge make it easier than any of the other VLCD that dont have so many choices.
Good luck with your weight loss
A x
Hi Hope, like you I did lipotrim, but found the flavours very limiting. Although the actual diet worked well for me, I have since moved and cant find a close chemist. I'm looking forward to removing myself from the 'food' situation as this seems to work well for me. Nice to see another lipotrimer on here though, I reckon if we can survive that one we can survive anything! x
Thank you all of you. I really appreciate your support. Likewise I am looking forward to giving up the food again. I do not think I ever got the retrain my relationship with food as I slipped back into bad habits slowly over the last few months without noticing. Also reverted back to black clothes!
I have emailed a CD counsellor so hope to start ASAP.


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ive got an appointment with a cd councillor on the 11th :)


hoping for a good loss
hope70, hope CDC replies soon

duncan, glad you ahve your appointment through
Good luck. I want to start tomorrow!!! Not very realistic but sign of desparation!!


hoping for a good loss
but you can start by cutting back and cutting out and wait for the return email
Thank you for all your replies and encouragement. The counsellor has replied and I am going to call her tomorrow to see what I can set up! Good luck to you all.....
Best of luck - if you can get through month 1 - you will not believe how quick this works and how good you feel.. Week 1 is the hardest

Good luck hunni and let us know how you get on

A xx
I looked into lighter life but thought the cost was ridiculous and could in no way be justified and i didnt fancy the group sessions, have heard you speak in front of eachother about your feelings etc.. also i thought it looked quite inflexible..you cant do their add a meal unless you have lowish BMI, whereas CD has SS+ etc where you can have more calories. I do SS+ most of the time as my work friends do not know about CD so i needed to have a little bit of salad and tuna at lunch and it has worked great for me. I can honestly say there have been so many more positive than negative moments in the last 3 months since starting CD!
Love the aiming to be slim before the big 30! I am aiming for the big 40 in April! Ahhh!!! 30 seems like it was only yesterday!


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I started the last week in August and had lost just under 3 stone by my 40th mid Nov.. and felt really so much better for it!
Good luck!
starting tomorrow! Met my cousellor tonight. She is really lovely...really excited about getting going.

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