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  1. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    I have been having herbalife shakes for the last year. After steady weight loss up to Christmas I have hit a block, and have not lost anymore since then. As my distributor is quitting I thought it a good time to look at alternatives to try and get the weight loss started again.

    I am am currently having one shake for breakfast, a light lunch and normal evening meal, trying to keep the carbs down (and having whole meal pasta, brown rice etc when possible)

    i have no no problem having two shakes per day during the week, but weekends and evening meals are with family and I don't want to be having separate meals.

    i do like having the shake for breakfast, I have got used to the taste of herbalife, also the fact that I am getting plenty of milk with the shakes. I tried slimfast and found that too sweet. I am thinking about trying celebrity slim so I wondered

    ---- can I just have one or two shakes and my normal meals at the other times?
    -----do you mix the shakes with milk?
    -----what do they taste like?
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  3. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    Also I have some herbalife products left - some tea, soup, vitamins, fibre tablets & tea tablets. Could I continue taking those with whichever shakes I decide to get?
  4. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    hi patti

    I have two shakes, three snacks and a low carb dinner such as gammon and veg.

    the normal shakes are mixed with water.
    the chocolate ones are nice and not as sweet as caramel.
    my local lyods pharmacy sell them separately.

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  5. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    I went to the chemist near to my workplace and they are just running down their stock of Celebrity Slim and replacing it with Optislim. This is the same sort of thing - various flavours of shakes, soups, meal bars and snack bars in the range. There isn't a restriction on carbs with your remaining meals which there seems to be with celebrity slim, so this seems to be a good option for me to try. I have a one week variety pack to see how I go on, have tried banana anspd cafe latte so far. (If I go ahead and buy single flavour boxes banana won't be one of my first choices)
  6. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    Good luck x

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  7. superslim1972

    superslim1972 Full Member

    Ive gone from celebrity slim to herbalife I really liked celebrity slim but my problem was with me being a vegetarian I couldn't eat certain vegetables but I did eat the slim range from Holland & Barrett that was ok but nothing special if you do switch over don't waist your money on the soups they are yuck
  8. patriciasmith

    patriciasmith Member

    Well it may favorably works for you... :) :) My vote is always go to herbal life...
  9. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    After a short trial, no further weight loss and a rethink - partly because of the fact that I will be away for a week and a half I have gone for a complete change of direction and will be trying a breakfast of porridge made with almond milk and then a low carb lunch and evening meal together with an exercise programme at the gym. So for the moment no meal replacement shakes.

    Herbalife did work well for me for about six months but I have not lost any weight since Christmas so I needed to make a change.

    i don't think this weekend will be much of a diet time though, but tomorrow will be back to the new trial.

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