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considering joining

Hi everyone. I expect you get this alot so my apologies if I'm a nuisance. I'm considering joining my local SW. I'm just a little apprehensive about making the call and actually going to my first meeting, should i be worried? how do i know if it is right for me?

a little about me would help, i guess. I'm a 20 year old male, im guessing at 22stone, been fed up about it for a long time finally wanting to try change it. As you can tell im not the most confident of people. feel free to ask any questions if you want.
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Hi jester, you have taken the 1st step by posting on here. This is a great site for support and info and you can get lots of advice.
Take a look on the SW website Slimming World - discover the amazing you and see what you think of the 7 day sample menu. It also explains a bit how the plan works.
If you get hungry alot then SW would suit you as you can stock up on free foods.
Hope this helps. x x
Hiya, welcome. I personally don't go to group as It hink it's a waste of money I don't really have as there are sooo many people that we just about hear everyones weight and it's time to go and my 2 year old won't sit still either!!. But other groups I've been to when I lived elsewhere are great!! I just got books and follow from home. When I did go though people were very friendly and I'm quite shy but found that aspect fine. Also at every group I've been to there are men if you were worried about that at all? The plan is great, I'm sure you'll do great!!
As Sm1ler said, try the online free 7 day plan, or buy the SW magazine, they have a 7 day plan too. If you're shy about classes, there's always online or postal, although it does cost a little extra.

It is possible to go it alone (I am at the moment, with help from this site) but I assume it would be nice to have group support once a week.


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Walking through that door to your first meeting will be the hardest thing. After that you will wonder what all the fuss was about as most groups are full of really nice people who don't judge and have great consultants to help you. And of course there is all of us! I though I'd never join a group but I am so glad i did or I would still be 3½ stone heavier than I am today! x


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i do better going to class than i do on my own, i didn't want to go on my own but plucked up the courage lol to go and i am glad i did
the consultant is brilliant, the group are great and we swap ideas and recipes all the time. the support is brilliant my consultant is always at the end of the phone if i have a query or a problem
i have been going for 11 weeks and i have lost 26.5lb (hopefully get 2st award this week)
i honestly couldn't do it on my own


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The groups are great. I love waiting to see if I have won slimmer of the week. Also you can get great advice from other members.

The SW diet is ideal for me because I hate that hunger feeling!! The diet is even better if you like to cook because you will become quite inventive. Have a look at the stickys at the top of the page and they should give you an idea of recipe's etc.


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Definitely join. The first time is a little nerve wracking, but they'll make you feel very welcome and you get lots of help and advice. We only have two men at our meeting, so you will be in the minority, but so what, so long as it helps you get healthier and fitter it doesn't matter. Don't worry and good luck!


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One of SW's motto's is 'there are no strangers here, only friends you have yet to meet.'


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Most people feel nervous to start with. Its a great diet, especially if youve never done one before. No food is banned and therefore its just about managing your food in a way that makes you lose weight. I joined on my own the first time, I actually felt I was doing something for myself and it made me feel good. Good luck hun x
thank you for all the great replies. I guess the first time of anything is nerve wracking. Just need to get the courage to make the call i guess. wow the 7 day diet is so much more then im eating at the moment, i guess i dont get hungry i just get bored, which is worse :p
Hi Jester

Make the call - talk to the consultant about how nervous you feel about taking this step. Maybe you could ask to meet up before the class starts, before eveyone else arrives? I know that I am not comfortable walking into a room full of people who all seem to know each other - but if already there then that is OK. I am sure you will be fine, although the men are usually in the minority they get 'mothered' by all the women!!
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One of SW's motto's is 'there are no strangers here, only friends you have yet to meet.'
OMG thats sooo cheesey hehe. Honestly, though, go to the meeting, cliched I know, but its one of the best things Ive done - I truly couldnt have done it without it x
i went last week for the first time i was to scared to go alone so convinced my mum to join so we went together. after last week i would easily go on my own this week cause i seen how nice and welcoming everyone is :) everyone is there for exactly the same reason so noone will judge you atall. and someone will probably start chatting to you frm the start and youll make a SW buddy :) good luck with it you got nothing to worry about. i find the men are alot braver for going so i also respect them more to be there

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