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Conso - one week in

Some random thoughts on conso:

40g of cheese a day seems an awful lot! I've not managed to eat that amount every day, more like 20g every other day. Still, it's nice to have the option!

My celebration meal this week was taking my dad out for a birthday lunch on Sunday - had the proper roast dinner, starter and pudding, wine, etc. Ooh I did feel full! Not sure I can now have 2 of those a week in the next stage. Stomach must have shrunk!

Fruit, I'm finding I can take it or leave it - played around with an apple yesterday, but left half on my plate. Funny that, used to love fruit. Tastes change, I suppose. Had a toffee muller light and found it much too sweet - back to rhubarb and plain yoghurt, with a bit of sweetener.

For my starch meal this week, I'm not that keen on pasta anyway. Had some roast parsnips instead - yum! Do you think I
could have some porridge made with pinhead oatmeal as my starch meal this week? Or will that have to be my celebration meal? Ive made it with the oatbran but it's not the same.

Bread - still not managing to have this every day, but have discovered a wholemeal soda bread that doesn't give me bloat and had some with soup for lunch yesterday, so that's ok.
There are so many extra bits to remember on conso! Lots more choices - good but a bit alarming after the restrictions of cruise.

And I still lost another 1lb according to the scales on the weekly weigh-in!
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It's interesting to read people's thoughts on Conso (I'm quite apprehensive about it - scared I'll ballon up!). I've read somewhere on here, by Atropos I think, that having more complex carbs can help with any bloating so quinoa would be good and bread made with spelt and linseed or rye? I'm looking forward to the occasional glass of wine :D
Thanks mirjam, I might try that! Not used flaxmeal before sounds intriguing. Will have to experiment - but have to save til weekend cos working late this week. American recipes always use Cups - is that translatable into tablespoons/ ounces?


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I always use a measurement converter as I don't do imperial and need to convert it to metric.


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It's great to have your feedback. Most people complain that 40g isn't enough cheese! On days you're not having it, perhaps have a tiny spread of butter on your bread as the idea is to reintroduce fat gently (so if you're having half the portion every other day, you're not really reintroducing). Same re bread. Parsnips and pasta aren't really the same thing! haaaa! Again, the idea is to reintroduce some complex carbs.

Still, it's up to you and if you have food intolerances (did you have them before?), I wouldn't have a clue re equivalences. We have someone here who's being coached, and is on Conso, so she might be able to help...
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Thanks I think maybe I did have a wheat intolerance before, as although I loved bread - particularly lovely warm and fresh from the oven! - it used to give me bad indigestion and/or bloat.
I will have the butter though! Rest is just me being picky - I'll have to gradually expand my repertoire.
Interesting thoughts about bread and bloating

The last few days I've been "forced" (ie on a course where the only available lunch is Pret Sandwiches) to eat chorleywood bread (that's the soft kind sold in supermarkets which we think of as "normal" but was only invented in the 1960s)

Cue bloating and dodgy tum.

Now I am back to poilane bread from the freezer and it's settled down.

This confirms what I've always suspected - it's not wheat iteslf that upsets me, it's the process and additives in industrial baking methods.


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Very interesting Atropos - over here, it's always been advised to go to the boulangerie to buy your "pain complet", rather than the industrial stuff... In the UK, I know that's not easy (cos in my Dad's town of 150,000 inhabitants there is but one baker's that I know of... perhaps two, yet here there's one every 100 metres!).

Where do you find Pain Poilane? (Waitrose?)
Would you say it's better to bake your own bread or bread rolls then when in conso ??

I've a long way to go yet but hoping the bread machine will get an airing again lol
I get my Poilane at Waitrose - this Sunday I scored 4 loaves (2 compagne, 1 rye, 1 walnut) for just £1.16 - instead of £13.00

It was all (just) within the sell by date, and will sit happily in the freezer to be toasted, slice by slice, when I need it. Bliss.


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That really is a bargain, Atropos! (I keep typing Atroooops...!)

Ellie - homebaked bread would be good too, not white though and I couldn't help with recipes etc etc. I couldn't have one of those machines in the house! Far too tempting! In Conso, it's good to slice and freeze.


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Atropos, is that low carb bread as well?


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I found a recipe for this bread online so might make it myself some day...
Not heard of this bread but will look out for it at our waitrose. Thanks! I've been nibbling wholemeal soda bread all week, which is ok.
If I can't find Poilane at the reduced price I tend to eat whole grain crisp bread instead - particular Finncrisp, as it is cheap, crunchy and keeps well in an airtight tin.


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OMG! 28 Euro for a loaf of bread? No way, I AM gonna make it myself when I'm back on Dukan!

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