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Constant Weighing


Finding inspiration
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Just thought I'd share another of my observations with you all...

It's a frequent topic of discussion, where people become obsessed with weighing themselves all the time.

Well, having had a surprise gain this week:cry:, my consultant gave me some S.A.S. logs to fill out. Anyone who doesn't know what these are, S.A.S. stands for Slimmers Against Sabotage. By using this sheet, you are forced to examine your eating habits, i.e. are you weighing foods or "guess-timating", did you know the syn value before you ate it, or did you look it up after... is it free or a healthy extra, etc.

It also has a section of "My Aims Today" where you plan ahead what you want to do today, have a red/green day, write a shopping list, eat more speed foods, prepare food in advance, etc.

What caught my eye was the section for "My potential danger areas". There is a list of common pitfalls where people are more likely to go off plan. Things like, leftovers, eating out, parties, weekends and, wait for it, constantly weighing myself.

So it would seem that constantly stepping on and off the scales is not a good way to go and is more likely to sabotage our progress than it is to help.

Anyway... just thought I'd pass that on if it helps anybody.:)
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I weigh myself every morning, I'm terrible for it, I had got out of this habit for a few weeks, but now fallen back in this trap. Although, this little story should put anyone off weighing everyday! I ate loads of choc over easter and had that dreaded quiche (40 syns a slice!!) was really good from Tuesday onwards (WI is Fri) thinking I could get maybe a pound or two off if I stuck to plan 100% which I have, however, yesterday I had an upset stomach and was up for half of the night, this morning when I weighed myself I had gained!! Whats with that!! Anyway the moral of this story for me is that I am going to make an effort not to weigh myself everyday, because sometimes you just don't like what you see!
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I weigh myself every morning too. But I am also mindfull of the fact that our bodies fluctuate day to day. I think with me I do it out of habit more than anything else. Always first thing, with my jammies and before any food. If I forget for some reason and have a cup of tea or get dressed then I dont go near the scales. Strange that!

I must be cuckoo or have a mild case of OCD. !


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I find I weigh myself loads on WI day, mostly so I am prepared for what is coming at WI ;) I try not to weigh myself too much at other times as I know it can have a really negative affect on me. I will get disheartened if I don't see the number I want. We fluctuate so much during the day anyway, it is much better to have the one WI at the same time every week.


soon to be skinny minnie
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Thanks for that minders. I have cut my weighing down , i get wi on wed but i have a sneaky peek on the sat x
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I was weighing most mornings, so hubs has taken them to the shed, he gets them out on a Tues morning for sneaky weigh in just before weigh in!


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I'm glad it's not just me who weigh myself every morning!
But I don't agonise if the scales don't say what I want them to say. It's like everything else in life, there are ups and downs!
I go through times where I constantly weigh myself and get obsessed with what the scales are or not showing. So much so, I've shoved my scales in the garage with the spiders! No temptation now..lol.
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I weigh myself once a week and that's at SW. I don't own a set of scales!!! :eek:


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Thanks Minders ~ when I started SW I weighed myself everyday but I decided to only weigh myself on WI day and took the scales to the garage. However as past couple of weeks or so I'm as bad as ever ~ I had lost 1lb at WI this week but weighed myself to-day and have put on 2lbs which is now making me want to eat more (but I haven't) so I can see how this would be a danger area. I am definately taking them out to the garage and letting them stay there until WI day, xx
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I weigh myself all of the time, whenever I go past the bathroom where we keep them :eek:

I do it out of habit though as it doesn't bother me what they say... the only time that I take real notice of it is on WI day :D


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Yeah, I tend to weigh myself every morning - and evening - and on WI day I'm on and off them all day *sigh*
The weird thing is, though, that it can change my mood but doesn;t change what I eat. If they show a gain, I don't think 'oh stuff it' and scoff loads...

That said, if I get bad news this week at WI then I might take the weekend off.........
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I weigh myself all of the time, whenever I go past the bathroom where we keep them :eek:

I do it out of habit though as it doesn't bother me what they say... the only time that I take real notice of it is on WI day :D
I'm like this. I find it helps to keep me on track. This morning for instance, I have put on from tuesday WI but I had a meal out last night so it was expected. I will now be very strict so I get to see it coming down over the weekend.
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I weigh myself several times a day!! But I completely disagree that it might sabotage me, I find that it is a nice visual reminder every morning of the weight I have lost so far, and a reminder of the weight left to lose which motivates me for the day. If I only weighed once a week i think it would be 'out of sight, out of mind' and I'd be more likely to cheat.
If I go up a pound from one day to another I write it off as my rubbish scales having an off day ;) Doesn't make me lose the plot at all!
I must be a weirdo :)


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Wow I didn't realise that so much weighing went on. I think i am 'cheating' if I weigh myself mid week rather than wait until the next weigh day. :)
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I used to weight myself every so often at OH's house and the scales always made out I was MUCHO heavier then what I actually was, so was quite pleased at my start week that I wasn't as heavy as I thought I was.

However, I'm in the frame of mind that I like to keep the suspense for weekly weigh in at group and not at home. :)

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