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Oh my god, Im sorry if this is a bit personal but went to the loo and thought I was pushing a brick out. I have been taking Dulcolax tablets, drinking 3-4 litres of water a day and even some strawberries every day to help things along. Im on week 11 (I think) and this is as bad as its been. Thought I was going to pass out. Tried fibresure, anyone any other ideas or ill have to go back to high fibre cereal in the morning I think.

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ad a little bit of excercise ? - walking helps bowel movements - along with the all the other things you seem to be doing
Also I find coffee just brings on a visit to the loo!!!!
Oh poor you - been there !!!
First you really need to deal with the current problem - passing a brick is hell. There's stuff on sale at chemists etc to 'soften' stools - better than a laxative that just spasms your bowel into action BUT doesn't really help with the task of getting it out. Movicol is good - sachet of powder that you put in water. Haven't tried any other but lots of people say DulcoEase is also great.

Next you need to get some fibre into your food intake on a regular basis. I like psyllium husks. I add a teaspoon to soup (careful - it can get slimy!). I also make porridge with hot water, toffee and walnut (or vanilla) shake. Add a dessertspoonful and whisk with a fork. different people have different tastes BUT my experience is that (if your digestive system is that way) you need to find some way of getting fibre daily.
Haven't tried fibresure - others swear by it !!!

Good luck - don't give in - you'll find a solution that works for you !
for an emergency movement (lol) use syrup of figs - works within a minute of taking it!!


please try again
my daughter has chronic constipation, find lactalose as much use as a chocolate teapot for her, movicol on the other hand i find works brilliantly, soooo much easier for her now ( and this is a child who can take lactalose and syrup of figs at max dose for days and days with no results at all )
Lactulose is also sweet best avoided if otherthings available and it also takes up to 3 days to work in the normal person but it may take longer with us as we're not eating as mich just a thought

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