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Constructive criticism needed please:)

Today is my first day back on plan in about a year, and im all out of whack!! Wondering if you can have a look at my day and offer some criticims (i.e - i have had no hexA today, oops!!) Any thoughts at all would be appreciated!
Thank you, you lovely lot!

2 Alpen light bars - HeB
Snack - banana
3 Chicken legs, salad, ham
Very small handfull of walkers extra crunchy - 3.5 syns
The chicken legs had a little bit of skin on so i'm going to add 1.5 syns just in case!!!

Salmon fillet, with onions (fried in fry lite) with salad.
Desert - Muller light cherry -2 syns
Another banana!
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Well to me, that looks like a red day. So you can have 2 hex Bs and 1 or 2 hex As.

If it was the ordinary cherry muller lite, its syn free, its only the one with the compote in that has syns.

Bananas are superfree, but they are not a speed food because they are high in sugar and so you may want to try and limit them a little, but your breakfast was quite small, and you dont need to eat a little to lose a lot.

ooh so i could have the two alpen bars and some bread? I struggle to have two A's cos i dont drink milk, or tea/coffee - and i really struggle with eating breakfast. Bad habits i've got into I suppose, don't eat all day and then it gets to 2pm and i'm starving and end up craving sugary things! Really something I need to tackle. Thanks so much for your input :) xx
Two As are optional, but you should try and have one, even if thats a little chunk of cheese or something. Yes, you can have a HexB bread to go with your alpen lights. The Extra Easy plan is one of each Hex per day but green/red is the two.
I've got myself all muddled up, haha. I did ee a while back and totally failed at it (just couldnt get my head around it, too much free food) so I think i have crossed the two plans. I will have another read of my books. Thank you! x
fab advice about the bananas thanks

good luck clairex on your journey xx
Only think I would say it I know you mentioned that the chicken only had a lil bit of skin on.. there was a board in my group and I will remember what is said because it shocked me but having one chicken leg with the skin on can add up to 8 syns.. so just be mindful of that x

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