Extra Easy Don't know if over eating? Weigh at home and its getting me down :(


Hello I don't know if anyone can offer any advice I started slimming world for first time in years on 2nd of jan from home and weighed my self a week later and lost 6lb!! However this week I have been doing the same with sticking to plan and not going over syns but have just weighed myself (norm weigh day weds morn) and have put on 3lb!?' I am really unhappy with this especially if this is the result on weds. I have posted a copy of my diet for the week to see if anyone can give advice ? Am I eating wrong/ overeating? Thanks

Week 2

Day 1

-2 hard boiled eggs, 1slice ham, coffee from hex allowance
-1 & 1/2 jackets, tuna sweetcorn, lettuce, 3 cherry toms
-grapes handful
-SW recipe burgers (extra lean mince) with 2x30g wholemeal bun (hex) and sw chips & salad with homemade salsa SW recipe
-muller light yogurt
-alpine light bar (3 syn)
-6g mini marshmallows (1 syn)
-mini creme eggs x3 (7.5 syn)
Tea,coffee hex, diet coke

Syns- 11.5

Day 2

- Branflakes with chopped strawberries, coffee all hex
-mini creme egg (2.5 syns)
-jacket potato, 1 slice ham, salad pickled onions, beetroot
-muller light, large handful strawb& grapes
-gammon steak, 2 eggs, sw chips, button mushrooms salad leaves
-alpen bar (3 syns)
-muller light
-tea, coffee (hex) diet coke, sugar free - 12 mini marshmallows (2syn)
-dairy lea triangle (2 syns)

Syns- 9.5 syns

Exercise - cleaned house top to bottom 1hr 15 mins, 30min walk

Day 3

-2 eggs scrambled, ham slice, 1 slice wholemeal toast (hex), coffee (hex)
-Tuna, sweetcorn jacket potato, and salad leaves
-ww yogurt
- steamed salmon fishfingers (6syns) in breadcrumbs, courgette, chips (4.5 syns) (60g)
-wine small (4 syns)
-prawn cracker 2 (1.5syns)
-Muller light
-grapes & strawb

Syns- 16 (oops! slightly over)

Day 4

- bacon and fried egg with fry lite on 2 small baps (30g each) hex
- tea coffee in allowance
- ww yogurt
-md chicken salad (2 syns)
-chicken curry SW recipe, rice, Bombay potatoes (0.5 syns)
- 3 popadoms (6 syns)
-whisky & diet coke (2.5syns)
-muller light
- sugar free juice

Syns - 11

Exersize - walk 20 mins,stepper 10 mins

Day 5

-Branflakes with skimmed milk hex, coffeex2 with hex
-jacket & beans & salad
-fat free yogurt
-chip,mushroom,tomato, egg bake (SW recipe) with 3 ww sausages (1.5 syns)
-6g mini marshmallows (1 syn)
-alpine bar (3syns)
-tea x 4hex, diet lemonade x 2

Syns 5.5

Exersize -100 steps on stepper

Day 6

-2 scrambled eggs, slice of ham, 1 slice of wholemeal toast coffee both hex
-alpine bar (3syns)
-2 small jackets, prawns 1tbsp extra light mayo (1syn) salad leaves
-steamed salmon, jacket potato, tomato, pak choi, peppers
-tea, coffee with hex
-sugar free juice
-muller yogurt
- options hot choc (2 syns)
-marshmallows (1syn)

Syns 7

Exersize: walk 20 mins,
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Are you measuring your meal and weighing your hexb choices food seems fine x


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Typo meant milk xx


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Just checking that the superfree items that you have listed were at least 1/3rd of the plate, also this is the trouble with weighing in between actual weigh in. The main thing is that if you are sticking to plan 100% you will lose weight, try not to weigh in between and beat yourself up, less stress equals better losses. Make sure you weigh the same day at the same time once a week, try to wear the same clothes and if you weigh before a meal then try to always stick to that.


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S: 69.9kg C: 64.41kg G: 51.71kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 5.4kg(7.79%)
As long as you stick to a minimum third sf you should be fine.


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I'm so glad I read your post because the same thing has happened to me. I lost 6.5lbs on my first week (fantastic!) just been weighed tonight doing just about the same meals etc and I've put on 1lb. I know it's only 1lb, and I'm a slimming world veteran of 2.5stone lost, but I am new to extra easy.
I'm thinking that my 1/3 superfree is more like 1/4 this week, that's all I can think of.


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To be honest it doesn't look like you're eating too much at all. And the 1/3 super free is not a strict rule now, only if you're wanting to reduce stuff which you are to lose weight faster. I think you're doing fine x


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Dont mid week weigh! The results will almost definately be different on wednesday. For one you're probably heavier at night than you are in the morning.

Trust the plan and if you've put weight on at official weigh in panic at that point but not before.


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Stay away from the scales!!! :)

My weight fluctuates massively during the course of the week; especially morning compared to night!! You always weigh less in the morning as you've not eaten anything. I've known myself to have 3lb difference between morning and night! My advice is to keep going and stay focused but keep off the scales - you may find you have lost on Wed morning and you've got yourself worried unnecessarily.



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hopefully this shows you the dangers of weighing mid week. your weight can fluctuate so much day to day depending on so many different things that it might not give you a true picture.

I dont do it if I can help it - although sometimes if I am feeling a bit stressed about sticking to plan then I will get a progress check. Some people do however find it really helpful to stay on track - but the thing to remember is that if it doesnt work for you then dont do it!