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Consultant Appreciation Thread


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Is it a bit sycophnatic to start this? I very much appreciate my consultant, always on hand with some support and very realistic - especially when we go off course :):) I read the threads and I know some people have huge problems with their C so it makes me appreciate mine even more. She even gave me a Birthday present this year - 20 extra syns to spend on birthday cake/wine! :D

Sorry, sucking up rubbish done! :)
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I really appreciate my consultant too. She is always there when I'm having a tough time and is full of ideas.

Lots of people have bad consultants so it's nice to hear about some good ones :)


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S: 15st8.0lb C: 15st8.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm glad its not just me. I know it's a bit lame but I've always had difficulty sticking to anything but I'm loving slimming world this time round, 50% this site and 50% my group. Just wanted to share that. :)


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My consultant is fab too - she's really supportive and always texts us through the week with little ideas or tips and support. If I text her she always texts me back (usually straight away) and is really understanding when you've had a bad week.

I've been to other groups due to working shifts and the other consultants ranged from okay to awful, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else now :)

In fact I love my group so much that I still go despite moving 35 minutes away - and I don't drive!


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my consultant is fab too, she's down to earth, just like one of us with her own weight loss trials and tribulations, she sends little motivational texts too, our meetings are always very positive and motivating,

I went to her class one week because of my shift work and I couldn't get to my local group and I haven't gone back, even though I have to drive 25 mins to get there each week.


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I love my C to bits~ even though someone needs to teach her how to be a pro on the computer- it takes forever for her to reply to emails! (note- we always text her instead LOL)

For a few weeks, i was really struggling for motivation- and every day she texted me to see how i was, and asked me for one positive thing that happened in the day- to help me think in a positive way. It really helped!

I love her sense of humour- like tonight i went to a charity fashion show, and the refreshments were tea/coffee and lots and lots of cakes :( i texted her saying that some people were evil and i wanted cake and she texted back saying "i've heard of those things (cakes) apparently when you bite into them slugs and snails come out" <---tried not to giggle because the room was quiet, lol

I wouldn't have got this far without my C, that's for sure :) She's keeping me motivated- not many people can do that lol

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