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Consultant telling us not to eat syn free products!

At class this week, one of the members told us about a very low syn curry that she'd found (I can't remember which one as I don't eat curry) and that it was only 1.5 syns a can. The consultant immediately launched into a speech about the difference between free food and syn free food, and how we should avoid ready meals even if they are low syn. I said that occasionally, I have a Pasta n Sauce or Batchelor's savoury rice and she said I shouldn't be eating them as they're full of additives! I know what she means- that cooking from scratch is always going to be the healthier option, but I don't think she should be actively discouraging new members from eating these things as sometimes they can be a life saver when time is short and you need a low syn lunch. When there was Mug shot in the prize basket, she took it out and asked us who put it in! It was like being back school! What do other people think?
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I can see where she is coming from, as cooking from scratch will always be the healthiest option.

But surely having a low syn ready meal is alot better than popping to greggs/ McDonalds/ the chippy amd eating an absurd amount of syns!!


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My consultant is in love with mugshots so I guess this is an example of consultants coming from different perspectives. She doesn't really keep up to date with changes to slimming world though - the other day group had to tell her that the lasagne sheet crisps aren't free anymore!
She needs to get into the real world!

So she has never used them, ever?

I agree with princess, sometimes you just need something quick. Not everyone has time to cook from scratch all the time. If your not allowed them then why are they on the SW website/ in the book? Your syns to use!

Savoury rice free or a hi-fi bar for 6 syns??????? Probably not a good comparison but I've tried the hi-fi bars, they're nice but not worth 6 syns each! Yes I know you can have one for HEa, what a waste of HE!

Sorry got a bit of a rant at the end!
like all things thay are ok in moderation and in emergencies, but not on thw whole, if, you can cook from scratch you should
I think it's quite harsh saying you should never eat these things, people have busy lives sometimes it just not practical to make things from scratch. Also think it would be quite confusing for new members to be told something is free but you shouldn't eat it!!
I put and mug shot and a pasta and sauce in our slimmer of the week basket this week! That consultant would hate me :) x


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Does that mean she doesn't want people eating baked beans?
Think its a bit counter productive telling people what not have, if they were that bad for you then slimming world would have found a way to syn them worse then they are. The whole point of slimming world is that you have the alternatives when life gets in the way of cooking!

Whether you choose to eat additive laden food or not is completely your choice. SW works if you eat these foods. She is imposing a personal preference & passing it off as part of the plan. Its no different to a SW consultant saying only organic fruit & veg is superfree & so you shouldn't eat non organic.

Your consultant should be ashamed.
I agree that it would be better not to eat things like that too often but its great we have the choice to have things like that as for some people it would mean the difference between staying on plan and not some days.
There are always times when you are in a hurry or can't be bothered or just fancy something different.
For me the worst thing is that she took the one out of the SOW basket and asked who put it in, I think thats a bit rude and the person who did it must have felt really silly.
Thanks for the replies everyone- at least I know I'm not alone in thinking that she shouldn't be saying it. If she says it again, I'll speak up and quote this thread!!
I'd send an email to SW HQ personally. The plan is devised by SW and her role is to sell that plan, not her own preferences. :rolleyes:
i agree that everything in moderation is the right thing.. it is much better to eat cooked from scratch food but that isnt always possible.. i love pasta and sauces and often have them as a main meal if i know i havnt got much time .. but i guess if i was to eat these every day it wouldnt be the healthiest option.. but these are mostly free on slimming world and so that makes it ok in my book to have them.. if sw decided to syn these really high i wouldnt go near them but they are free..
your consultant is giving her personal views and surely thats not right .. what she is teaching should be coming from slimming world ..
I'm afraid I'd have reported her to head office by now too. How can she stand there in a SW meeting and call the products that SW promote its shocking!! Also that poor person whose mugshot was taken out of the basket, good job she didn't do it to me lol I'd soon have put her right. Report her sounds like she needs more training. Its not even as if your getting her crap information for free, your paying for the privilege so she should get it right :)
I couldn't live without my mugshots, hifi bars etc. Stupid woman!

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