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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by IanH, 18 October 2011 Social URL.

  1. IanH

    IanH Well-Known Member

    Wasn't aware that Slimming World themselves credit checked you - providing you can up the money at the start - they don't mind how you get it (i've heard of people taking loans, selling on ebay, all sorts to raise the money).
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  3. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Well-Known Member

    I enquired about being a consultant to start next year ish when I'm a bit smaller and I got a phone call today inviting me' to the open day at a local hotel.
    I don't know how much it is to start up my own class but if it's a couple of grand instead of a loan I am selling my car and down grading it, also getting bigger so I can fit things in it.
    My open day isn't until nov 6th so who knows what might happen. I'm excited. :)
    Regarding credit checks- I have no idea what they do as they get the bank natwest to provide the loan if you wish on a special slimming world loan so it might not be as vigilant. Give it a go and all you can do is try. Let us know how you get on. Xx
  4. foodjunkie10

    foodjunkie10 Well-Known Member

    Gosh can't believe they actually charge you to become a consultant. How much do they charge?
  5. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Well-Known Member

    Thats good then. I think you will be fine, the credit check will only have been for the loan so I really wouldnt worry about it hun.
    I hope you do really well. :) and hopefully ill be joining you soon.
  6. Maddysmum

    Maddysmum Well-Known Member

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  7. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Well-Known Member

    Thank You! Not sure if january would be too soon to open a class as the open day is only in nov. Will have to wait and see but the lady i spoke with was so nice and cheerful. Im excited about whats to come! :)
  8. adretro

    adretro Loves being a loser...

    The credit check is not to do with the franchise fee but the group fees. If you did require finance, from say a bank, the bank would also credit check you. The reason SW do a check is, as a Consultant you will be responsible for all the money from the group session, so they deem it necessary to check that your credit file is good. SW will take their money out of your nominated bank account on a weekly basis.

    It may also be because, as well as group takings they are intrusting you with stock and equipment.

    Hope that makes sense, good luck x
  9. adretro

    adretro Loves being a loser...

    Completely agree... hope it works out for you. :)
  10. Maddysmum

    Maddysmum Well-Known Member

    thats brilliant news. Well done, i bet your really excited now.
  11. foodjunkie10

    foodjunkie10 Well-Known Member

    That's fab well done and good luck :)
  12. Leapfrog

    Leapfrog Champion actifryer

    How exciting. Well done :D
  13. kellylouisemc

    kellylouisemc Well-Known Member

    well done!!! I've got my interview on saturday and have my bank loan ready and waiting! So fingers crossed!! Good luck with everything!! xx
  14. Jodieboo

    Jodieboo Well-Known Member

    You'd think the fees would be a little lower, considering how many people would love to be a consultant, there could be at least one group in every town!
  15. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Well-Known Member

    That's brilliant well done!!!
  16. kerryathome

    kerryathome Well-Known Member

    ah well done and good luck, you'll be fab xx
  17. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Hope you don't mind me gate crashing this thread...My consultant asked if i've ever considered becoming a consultant and ever since its been playing on my mind.

    I'm not in the position to become one just yet - I've only just gone back to work after 6 months maternity leave.

    I also would like to get to target first.

    One question that springs to mind is the area - How the heck does that get sorted? Is it your resposibility or do SW pick a village or something close by???

  18. kerryathome

    kerryathome Well-Known Member

    my consultant is an area manager and she says she has groups that need new consultants so I think they tell you where is in need of a new group or consultant
  19. kellylouisemc

    kellylouisemc Well-Known Member

    yeah your area manager will let you know what days are free to do in or around your area!! For example there are several groups in my area but none on a tuesday so I will be opening mine on tuesdays! xx
  20. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Well-Known Member

    I see, I know there are lots of villages around me with no club so I just wondered if thats how it happened.

    Really wish I could commit to it earlier but I really must save up first and feel fiancially stable as I will really want to make a go of it.

  21. kerryathome

    kerryathome Well-Known Member

    yeah I know what you mean, things tight around here at the minute but I would love to do it but really can't put myself under and further financial stress x

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