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Contacting your C outside of class?


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Hello all.
I gained 2 at class this week, and was very disappointed as i felt i really had stuck to plan and done loads of exercise. My C does the weigh in's and i couldnt stay behind to class to talk to her about it. I then went away Thursday with such good intentions - and of course, ended up eating and drinking what i liked. Now dreading weigh this week - as it will be worse!!

I have just text my C to explain this and how i felt last week, as my friends etc dont really understanding never have been a 'dieter' themselves, now am feeling a bit sill for sending a text.

Does anyone else contact their C outside of class, and what kind of support do you get?

thanks x
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I haven't bothered talking to my C outside of class because I don't really think she would be able to help me. Simple questions such as why do you feel like that? what do you want to do to change it? how can you turn it around?? I would rather muddle through and give myself a kick in the end then bother.

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Whilst I've never yet needed to contact my C outside of class, I usually just come here instead! That's what they are they for so don't feel silly for texting her! You may not get a reply straight away - even C's have lives away from SW - but she should get back to you with some reassuring words soon hun xxx
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My C is great! She was away on holiday last week and I got my half stone award (wi on tues) she txt me on fri night
(having come home from hols on thurs night) to congratulate me! I like her and she is always on hand to provide an answer or to point you in the right direction.

And theres always minimins! Its GREAT for that extra slice of support (hmmm) I need through the week :D


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my C txt's or rings if she feels you are struggling and needs a little extra support which i think is nice, goes to show she is thinking about about us outside the meeting time


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Nothing wrong with contacting your C. If they don't know your struggling, then they can't help you.

As for a reason for your gain, extra excercise can have this effect, making you retain water. You will probably lose that and some more this week.
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The other week I couldn't stay to class but on the way out ask my C if it was ok for me to email her my diary as I'd had a gain & didn't understand. On Thurday night I emailed her my diary on Saturday she rung me (but I was out) she followed it up with an email & several emails after that.

Your C is there to help you lose weight if she doesn't help you ultimately you could stop going. Its her role to help you whenever you need it, so I'd say it's ok to text her.


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When i started - i didn't like contacting my consultant - i felt that if doing so because i was struggling then that refelcted badly on them - which is so many million miles away from the truth to be unbelievable.

The consultants want you to succeed. They want to help you loose weight - if you're struggling and if there's anything they can do to help - then hopefully they'll do just that.

But many consultants do have families or have other jobs - and so may not be able to respond straight away. They may have to go find out the answer and get back to you then. It may be something they feel is best left to being discussed in group.

You may feel cheated if you get a response back that is basically something along the lines of "why do you feel like that?", etc - but sometimes, if you do stop and think about that - maybe that is just the kick you need.

I posted up here earlier about being scared about going to target. If i'm still feeling uncertain at the end of the week - i'll e-mail a copy to her to get her viewpoint too. After all - she wants me to get there and to help/inspire her other members to get there to.


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I usually text my C as i have forgotten my password midweek for the online!!!

She is great and supportive tho - and i dont think you are silly for messaging her. Hope you get a reply and get back on track very soon! x


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I have just sent my C an email to tell her I am chuffed with my weight loss and thanking her for the mid week phone call, which made me feel so much better having the support.


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This is an area where I feel bodyoptimise members are really quite hard done by. I pay my fees, which I believe are pretty much what group members pay, yet there is no real support. We get random "inspirational" emails which are mass generated and not person specific. I think they really do need to do an overhaul of the system to allow online members to get some feedback. I would much prefer to go to a group but there is no Slimming World in Australia. I would love to be able to email a consultant for specific feedback, but it would appear that I am not worthy! :p Actually, the thing that has kept me motivated and on track is not bodyoptimise but Minimins and the support I get here. I keep a diary, I don't tend to ask many questions, but I do read alot here and many a time when I've been feeling a bit fed up with it all, I've read something here that has made me giggle or made me think, oh I could do that, and then I'm remotivated.

Whinge whinge, moan moan, grumble grumble! I feel so much better for that :rotflmao:

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