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Hi all, I am contemplating starting Exante as an ex-Lighterlifer! I lost almost 8 stone two years ago and have been managing my weight since. Over the past few months, I have found my old habits starting to creep in and I really want to address this in the New Year. I have gained almost 2 stone (still 6 stone down) and would like to shift this asap.

I had made my mind up to return to LL early in the New Year but financially, I cant justify the expense this time round. Exante looks like a good option, whilst following the Excercises in the LL books.

So my questions......

Are the Exante food packs tasty? Better/Worse than LL?
Is the weight loss roughly the same?

Im planning on placing my order tomorrow so I can start on 2nd Jan ;)
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Hello hon, firstly welcome to Minimins, secondly My Goodness!! Congrats on such a fantastic weightloss!!!! That's what I call dedication!!!! Well done!! xx

I started Exante on Thursday morning and am already 10lbs down (was on SW before then and had lost 18lbs but didn't feel it was going quickly enough as I have a long way to go. By the time I finish I would have lost just over 7st, so got another 5st to go yet).

I never tried LL, but I can tell you that the Exante soups are really nice and if you want to vary them I add in a bit of garlic or crushed chillis with herbs or spices from time to time to 'pimp them up.'

The vanilla shake is my favourite one and tastes nice even when made with 500ml of water instead of the recommended 250-300ml... The other shakes though seem better at around the 200-250ml level. However the soups I put 400ml of fresh boiled water in a mixing bowl and then whisk the sachet in gradually and it comes out perfect :)

I haven't tried the bars yet, or the porridge, but that's because I know that for me, those products would lead to a complete fall of the wagon!! Although I have heard that they are very nice.

All in all it seems to be a great plan and I'm really enjoying it :)


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Hi Pinkandfluffy, I was on Lighterlife and then Cambridge before discovering Exante. It's much cheaper than the other two if you buy the bumper packs. I've only tried the soups and shakes but find both really nice. I didn't really like the bars on the other diets so I'm giving them a miss. It's worth ordering a box to start and see how you go. Hope that helps. Penny


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Thanks both! Well done on your terrific weight losses. The more I think about it the more it makes sense to order a bumper pack. I wont be starting until next monday but Im psyching myself up in readiness. Will keep you posted as to my progress and will familiarise myself with this forum over the next few days so there will be no stopping me.....
Happy slimming! :)


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Hiya. I've started today after slightly going off the rails over the past few months.
I lost 5 stone on LL last year but a stone back on so here I am giving Exante a go. Can no longer afford LL.
I have to admit I much more prefer Exante packs. They are delicious!
Wishing everyone all the best of luck.