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  1. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    I started on the 22nd of August 2012 and I've been doing ok, not following it religiously but making a really good dent in the chub. I started at 12:0 and got down to 10:13 before Christmas. Not the most phenomenal weight loss but I am feeling better, I'm a size 14 (which I haven't been since my first pregnancy and he's now 10 with a 7 year old brother!!!). Friends, family and work colleagues are commenting on my losses, I just want to get into a pair of size 12 jeans (I bought them in the sales at christmas) before my birthday at the end of March.

    I'm currently bouncing between 11:0 and 11:3 but I need to get back on track and really commit to this. I'm a teacher and the run up to Christmas was very busy and I got a promotion and started my new role in January so it's very busy at the moment.

    I have been weighing daily and like to watch the changes when I'm losing weight but now that it's stalled for several weeks it's just making me grumpy so I'm not sure how often I'm going to weigh now....

    So here is my diary, I'm going to weigh in regularly so that I feel that I need to lose the weight, a bit like going to a slimming club and not wanting to be embarrassed by my numbers on the scale if I don't try hard!!!

    I'm doing M W F as my down days and maybe doubles when I'm back into the swing of it.

    So today is an uppity up day to get ready for a good start tomorrow.

    Ramblings over and off I go! Xx
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  3. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    I'm 11:2:4 today, off we go for a proper dd !!
  4. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    Weigh in day today and it's 11:1:4

    Keeping Saturdays as my weigh ins although I often found that I was lighter on a thurs morning before an up day but I think that the weekly loss is a more reliable measure of weight loss...
  5. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    We are very close in weight Hun... How much do u want to loose? Well done on your loss so far xx :)
  6. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    Good luck with the new start. I love JUDDDing xx
  7. JillyCornwall

    JillyCornwall Full Member

    Well done on your restart and well done on the loss! I do Mon/Wed/Fri DD's as well. I never do double DD's because everything I've read leads me to believe that they actually stall weight loss in the long term!!
    You've found the right place for support here, its great!
  8. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    Thank you everyone, I'm new to the posting malarky so I don't know how to cut and paste on my iPad yet!!! Doh

    but I'm aiming for size 12 and hopefully under 10 stone, 9:7 maybe but I'm already feeling so good at a 14 already!!! I've not been that low since my teenage years and I'm 40 now!!!

    I sometimes do double downs but then have the munches on the second evening because I've not been hungry up to that point so I count it as an extended down day every so often!!! I am going to try sticking to the plan more consistently this time.

    I want to get to the point where I can do 1 dd a week and maintain my weight but still get the health benefits, or do you need to do 2????????
  9. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    Probably best to see what works for you Hun x we will soon be in the 12's ;-) xx
  10. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    A good down day (for me) came in just over at 538 according to calorie count so I'm quite pleased althought I've hit the nibble stage of he evening so in making myself a cuppa and pretending the kitchen is locked!! Lol
  11. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    Lovely up day yesterday but not a great down day today, 700 calories... Pants.....

    Going to try a fast with only soups on friday to see if not really eating anything helps!!!! I'm sure its just that TOTM time but I'm not impressed!

    I keep trying to get my head around the 5-5 way of you eat a down sized meal after 5 on a uud?
  12. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    On a Sunday I fast from 5 so I have breakfast, a snack and Sunday lunch about four... Feel totally full up and then fast til 5 (or later) on a Monday. Do the same on my other UUD's x I suppose as long as you can keep your cals reasonable it is up to u how you eat could have lots of meals for the cals :)
  13. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    700 cals ain't that bad Hun ;) xx
  14. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

  15. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    I weighed in this morning after an up Thursday and came in at 11:0:4 so that's a loss of 1:8 lbs in a week which is really good for me.

    I am so pleased I've had pizza tonight as a treat!! So I'm not sure my official Saturday wi will be good so I'm sticking to today's!!! Lol x
  16. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    Whoooop!! Your on your way down :) well done xxx
  17. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    I just squeezed myself into my 10's. I know some people will wear them that tight just to say they are a size 10 but I was putting lives in danger with the possibility of button fire and the muffin top could feed thousands!!!! Lmao. (I wish I could do that - so much faster than dieting!!!!!)
  18. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    OMG...wish I could squeeze in a ten lol xxx u will soon be slipping them on :)
  19. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    Doh!! they are 12's and I'm nowhere near fitting into them!!! Not sure where 10 came from!! Wishful thinking perhaps!!!

    I'm a 14 at the mo!!! I'm heading for 12's and I'll probably stop there for a while....

    Honestly what a mistake!!!
  20. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    Sat up. 11:0:6
    Sun up 11:1:6. +1
    Mon d. 11:1:6. Sts
    Very pleased it's just +1 after a weekend of munching and not feeling 100%

    An ok down day today, But I always seem to struggle with calories on Mondays, it's a busy day at school and then meetings too so I'm ok at work but eat too much when I get home...
  21. Smamfa72

    Smamfa72 Full Member

    Weigh in today 10:13:4. Yippee!!! I've lost 1:2 lbs and made it into the 10's, I don't think I'm going to weigh this week because I don't want to see the 10 at the front vanish!!

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