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Contraceptive implant

Hiya, was wondering if anyone has found they gain weight with this, I was on depo a few years and became massive! When I came off it I lost (with a bit of ww help!) I'm on the pill at the mo and there is a supply problem, it hasn't made me gain so I'm gutted if I can't have it anymore. Have been offered the implant as an alternative. If anyone has experience of this I'd be grateful if you could let me know your thoughts x
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Hi I have an implant since last May and for me..... I hate it... to the point that im due to come off it next week!

I will tell you why but this is just the experience I have had! They say for most people they do not have any periods.. for me I was on my period for 2 weeks came off it and then a few days later came on it again for another 2 weeks. I was extremely emotional and kept on crying so what did they do?? they put me back on the pill with it!! This stopped the periods and stopped the emotions but now I have a serious amount of spots on my face which I think is due to the amount of hormones going into my body (please note i have never suffered with spots even as a kid and now im 35years old im thinking its because of the 2 things im on)! I spoke to the doctor and I was really annoyed that she said to me ... i will tell you a secret most people who go on the implant end up on the pill too!! I couldnt believe that she said this to me and i told her that she should tell people that before they go on it!! Also since I have been on it I have put on a stone so im thinking that this may have something to do with it too!

Now this is my experience of it and I wouldnt recommend it but I do know that everyone is different so I dont know if it would agree with your body but for me I need to get off it and fast!

Hope this helps :)
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I had the implant in for around 18 months. Had to have it taken out as it never really suited me. I bled for 9 months solid, nothing too heavy but enough so you felt uncomfortable. Also after this because i wasnt having a real period the sore breasts and things didnt clear up. I was moody, my skin was horrible.

Yet others dont seem to have problems. Get all the info you can before you make a decision. I fell pregnant a year after it was taken out if thats a consideration for you. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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i had it for a yr and for 3 weeks of every month i bled i was sooo drained from it,,but thats just me i bleed no matter what,,have coil in now and i still get my totm but only once a month so not too bad:)


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I have it in, for a good 4 months my periods went all funny, on for over a week then a missed one then another in 2 weeks etc... then after the "settling period" they vanished. I have no periods. Never had the emotion problems with or without pills, just had very very heavy periods. I can say it was the best thing I ever did.

It's worth a try, you can always get it taken out if it doesn't work. As you can see we all react differently to these things xx
Iv had an implant in for 6 years now, with a break to have our 1st child! Iv seriously put on weight since iv had it in! I had it taken out tues, & lost 4.5lbs since then, I def think it is easier to put on weight with the implant :)
I had the implant and didn't have any issues with weight gain, the injection on thou....wow did I pack it on lol
I was one of the lucky ones and my periods stopped completely which was great! I hated the feeling of the stupid thing in my arm thou, still makes me shudder at the thought of it errrggghhhhhh never again!
Ive had the implant twice, i had it taken out to have a baby and then got another one put back in. The 1st time i had it in i lost weight without even trying and this time i wouldn't say ive put on weight because im losing my baby weight. For a year i didn't have any periods and they have just started again and they are more regular than before just alot lighter. The implanon is different with everyone so i think its just a case of trying it to know how your body will react.

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