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Controlling reactions???


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Well - I have taken the plunge and started CD again. I am excited and looking forward to getting on with it and seeing the weight disappear.
I have a question though - how do I learn to control my reactions?
I lost 6 stones last year on CD - it was wonderful - then I got annoyed with my ex bf and started comfort eating - and ate for months!
There is a saying that you cant control what other people do but you CAN control your own reaction to it.
My reaction is to turn to food and I need to learn how to change that. I suppose that being aware of it is the first step but does anyone have any advice about how to stop myself!

Hope everyone has a good day on CD - day ONE for me and I can't wait to get weighed next week!

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I wish I had some magic words of advice for you, Jill, but I'm afraid I don't otherwise I wouldn't be here.......again!! I did just read something on here that made me think - it was something like "Only you have control of what goes in your mouth." I thought how right that was, and that if I allow my emotions about someone else to make me stuff my face then that is handing that control over to them. I'll see if I still think that way next time I feel the urge to comfort myself with food.....

Good luck with your restart x
Jill, I think if I had the answer to that one I would be a millionaire!!

I think a lot of us reach for "bad" foods - usually sugary or fatty when times are tough cos they do make us feel better - that sugar rush feels nice for about a minute....and then we feel lousy for giving in yet again.

I suppose not having anything that you can splurge on in the house is a start - but if you have other people there, they might not be too happy if you clear the whole house of anything tasty ;)

I think for me, it goes back to "rewarding" myself when something bad happens - I deserve to feel better, I deserve to have something nice to eat because of x,y,z...maybe from when we are kids and we get a treat when bad things happen - like going to the doctor, or falling over etc etc - its then associated with making us feel better - when we know it doesn't (not in the long run anyhow)

I have just been through that cycle (yet again!!!) having lost a lot of weight and just promptly put most of it back on over the course of about 6 months because I was feeling lousy.

What I now know is that having nothing that fits me, feeling uncomfortable and annoyed with myself is a lot worse and lasts longer than the brief "happiness" that Cadbury's chocolate eclairs give me.:(

Good luck with it - and if you find the answer - then make sure you post it!

Rosie xx


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Tinley, Rosie, Barbara - thank you!

I'm sure it's going to be a good first week and the results of the first week will keep me going to the second :)

Good luck to you all too :)
Hi Jill

My CDC is a qualified addictions counsellor and has been "counselling" me about using food as a "mind altering" substance... i.e to deal with emotion. If you search for posts under my name there is one about emotional eating with a document attached that gives you some information that you should find helpful. All the research shows that behaviour modificaiton (via self help and/or formal therapy) is the best way to stay slim with a VLCD.

www.thedietguy.co.uk is also an excellent resource.

Good luck!


is a naughty girl...
Hello Alex. I am back again too! I get weighed in tonight...ARGH I am scared at how bad it could be ;) That said I am not getting any fatter. I promised myself I wouldnt be one of the people that returns but at least I am returning....my fave quote...calm waters don't make good sailers. I am sure you can attach that quote to anything!

Hope you do well, lets cheer each other on :D xxx


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Hi !!!! I'm glad you're here!!! Good to see you again!
lol - there seem to be a lot of us back from last year - but hey - it's a learning process. We know it works and we know the pitfalls so this time we will shine!
GoreyGirl - thanks - I have looked through and done the questionnaires.

I am pleased with myself having got through day one although I haven't had as much water as I should. Tomorrow I will deal with upping the water intake.
GoreyGirl - thanks - I have looked through and done the questionnaires.

I am pleased with myself having got through day one although I haven't had as much water as I should. Tomorrow I will deal with upping the water intake.

You're welcome.

You might find www.livinglifetothefull.com interesting too.

I make all my shakes up to nearly 600mls which gives me an extra 3/4 litres of water that way.