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Cook Yourself Thin!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I caught it a couple of times last week. Some of the recipes did look good. Izzy? is very Audrey Hepburn isn't she?


I love it!! I've been watching it religiously on 4od!
I wish there was a slimming world cooking channel..
Maybe one day there will be and I could be the new Gizzy...*day dreams*


is working hard.....
I think Gizzy is a gem - very Audrey Hepburn indeed!

I think the ideas she has are whats inspiring - I saw the courgette one too and it got me thinking how I could do that SW friendly!

SW cooking channel would be ace :D xx
Help !!!! What is 40D.

We have satellite T.V. and get most of the cgannels you do, but I don't even know what this is.

If there is another cookery programme to watch I want to see it !!!!

What a coincidence !!! No ITV this afternoon as it was football yuk !!!! No reception on the Beeb as the weather is grotty, so I put channel four on and there she was Izzy and Eat yourself thin.

A great programme and some brilliant ideas some of which could be used on SW. I am trying to work out how I can do the strawberry cheesecake she did.

I have something to thank the football for after all.!!

Thanks for that. We can not do that here, but I am so glad to have found it on 4.

Izzy was a brilliant, positive and kind judge on Iron Chef goes to Britain........ a real sweetie.

You can watch 4od online at Channel 4!
Hmm... Now this has got my thinking of doing my own cookery show and putting it on youtube from my own slimming world recipes and other suggestions!
what do you guys think?
Would you watch or is it a waste of time?
First of all.. LOL at the title of that TV show... sounds like a horror film!! BUT sounds like a great programme and I will definately check it out.. thanks for the tip off.

: )

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