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Cookie's diary

I joined Slimming world at the beginning of the year and think the idea of it is great but I easily find ways to get distracted, demotivated and cheat myself on the diet (she says recently finishing a bar of cadbury caramel!) So after losing about half a stone to start with I have pretty much stayed at a similar weight from gaining a pound or two and then losing a pound or two and going round in circles each week.

I've tried Weight watchers before and that was the same - a good start followed by maintaining similar weight from cheating and letting things slide. That's usually when I quit to save money from the classes since I dont feel like I'm getting anywhere.... This then leads to after a while putting more weight on again.

Instead of quitting this time I need to find the motivation and I thought starting this diary and 'confessing my diet sins' will help keep me on track (at least a little bit anyways). So here goes we'll see what happens!

Weight In tomorrow night so fresh start from there although the weekends alway get me especially with the alcohol.
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I've been mostly good (ish) this week or since Monday anyways although still in bad habits of cutting a few corners and a few treats I shouldnt be having!

Yesterdays menu:

No breakfast - I know it's a bad habit but I usually don't but try and have some kind of healthy snack earlier in the morning at work.

Snacks: Strawberries (super speed - very important right now!)

Lunch - Ham and leek pasta n sauce 1 syn

Tea: (as a Northener I say tea rather than Dinner) The boyfriend decided to take me out so we opted for the cavery. Veg and meat all free but had 2 yorkshires a little bit of stuffing, 1 large roast potato and a big splash of gravy to cover.

My downfalls of the day: the meal was accompanied with a pint of cider and blackcurrent followed by a bar of cadbury caramel (this was because my boyfriend talked about chocolate fudge cake for so long even though I had resisted when we stopped at the shop on the way home it made me have a need for chocolate).

Hopefully after WI today and food shopping at the weekend I will be 'in the zone' Bit skint at the moment so will be mostly living off jacket potatoes and pasta n sauce I think. But all good especially on Extra Easy.

I'm not one for much fruit so trying to increase on that as well for my snacks at work.

Today isnt looking to good. I caved to a cookie someone brought in at work and Thursday night I usually have a few glasses of wine with my mam after WI. We normally eat healthy even though we have the wine but tonight her friend will be there as well so not sure how well it will go.

Not a good start on my diary but all confessions must be made!


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Shelly I think we are twins, it's weekends (alcohol, which leads to takeaways or snacky things) that does me, I've been bad this week and know I'm going to gain, but going to really try from tomorrow, but I've got a wedding night party thing tomorrow so I hope I can keep off the cider and lager and stick on martini or vodka( but I don't really like martini or vodka or any spirits really I'm a lager and magners type of girl) anyway good luck hope you can get back on track.xxx
Good luck behaving yourself on the alcohol tonight!

I'm going to a friends house tonight, I know she will be cooking healthy but there is always far too much booze! Trying to stick to vodka and diet lemonade so at least it will be a lesser evil!

Not sure what else is on the cards this weekend but will probably be out tomorrow night and there will probably be alcohol involved again, but if I can stay on the straight and narrow the rest of the time I might just get though to next week ok.

Lost half a pound at WI last night so at least in the right direction considering I havent behaved too well this week. Trying to be good and having pasta n sauce again for lunch (I can live off this stuff) while watching one of my
colleagues at work with their burger king (It looks delicious!!)

Usual weekend fails of alcohol and the food it leads to but still cut out a few extra I would usually have. Must be good during the week to make up for my weekend habits.

Apple and Hi fi bar this morning and pasta n sauce for lunch. Probably low fat sausages and mash with some kind of veg for tea.

I was going to try and get out for a jog or something after work but don't think that's going to happen in this heat!
Bacon sandwich for brekkie. (HEB + FREE)

Lunch - Med Veg rice fusion (2.5 syns)

still hungry so also had a cous cous mugshot I had left in my drawer. (1 syn)...

.... wasn't appreciating this though only hada few mouthfuls - for some reason I'm quite hungry this afternoon and trying to avoid the call of a Gregg's pasty!

couple of sweets (2 syns)

snack - grapes and apple

Mr Mash and WW sausages and some veg probably peas for tea (2syns)

gravy or ketchup (I know it's weid but love tomato sauce with anything!) (1 or 2 syns)

about 9.5 syns planned (but still time to go wrong yet today)

Felt really fat yesterday (esp. watching embarrasing fat bodies) so want to get my focus back but really struggling to focus. I'm hoping my rekindled love and addiction for cheese leek and ham pasta and sauce can get me back on track and pretty much live off that.

There are a few big obstacles this week but next week I'm hoping to be really good. Will be easier as my boyfriend will be back into training (he does MMA fighting) so he will be cutting out the rubbish and the booze so might make it a little easier for me. Fingers crossed as I have little will power on my own. I need to find exercise that fits in and I will keep up as I dont really do any anymore.

Feeling really negative and counter productive at the moment, this week I was suppose to get my focus but seem to have really lost it. Even considering skipping WI altogether tomorrow but I know I should face it.:break_diet:

I've copied aload of food diaries and SAS sheets and might force myself to fill them in next week to find 'the zone' again. A lot of booze planned for saturday and sunday night but other than that I have no excuses left. I need to do this this time, I wont stay a fatty forever!!!

Rant over and back on the search for my lost motivation. x

Finished my 4 day binge and now day 2 on the healthy wagon. I am sick of the sight of fruit already! I've never eaten so much in my life.

Made a deal with my boyfriend if I lost a stone by my birthday in August I could get a new car (although I am starting to have my doubt he will let me get one) but still need to be positive. Off this drink this week as well (if I can manage the whole weekend without!)

WI tomorrow (I didnt go last week) so will be more of a new starting block I think.

Feeling alot more positive about it all than I have done for a long time, so fingers crossed it lasts!


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Hi Shelly,

Just been reading through your diary - I really struggle at the weekends sometimes too, seeing friends which leads wine. One thing I have started to do is drive all the time so I won't be tempted to drink as bf isn't insured on my car so I can't turn around and say "oh actually I do want to drink" which is what normally happens when we go in his car.

Noticed something in your food diary when you had the mash and WW sausages for your tea, did you have any other veg other that peas? As peas are not a super free and if your on EE you need that 1/3 of your plate or the plan wont work.

Also, if you think you have had a really really crap week, don't miss WI or you wont go back - I've done that!!! Plus you have to pay the extra next time!!!

That a really good incentive to lose the weight?? Your bf shold support you with that. :)

Hope your getting on okay with it all!!! :)


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