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Cookies, muffins, crisps ect


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Don't understand why people make things out of the shakes and bars? There has been a lot of posts about making cookies, muffins crisps ect but is that not telling yourself that eating these types of food everyday is ok?
What happens after CD when your not giving up a dinner for a greggs choc muffin (my favourite)
Also I checked with CD HQ and they don't recommend cooking, microwaving any bar shake other then the porridge (and that's only 1 min) even soups should not be made with boiling water as it destroys the vitamins and minerals that's in them.

Each to there own but just thought I would pass the info on.

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Everyone pretty much knows that some of the vits can be lost by cooking, mama but it's each to their own - and your choice not to do anything with your shakes.

I also think that as the plan's not meant to be for life, but to get through, that we also won't be 'maintaining' by taking milkshakes or bars to work and living on these. Muffins and crisps etc are all still going to be there when we reach goal. It's a case of moderation, exercise and sensible choices...


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a lot of people do it to feel like they are actually "eating" - it doesn't mean that because they are making cd muffins they are going to go for proper muffins when they finish...

i made the muffins the last time i did cd simply because i felt like i was eating something and it really got me through
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Completely agree sauce! As you say we have to get through this! And mama when I make stuff its litrally because I so bored of drinkin the shakes and soups its abit of variety something to actually eat. Most people do know that your not supposed to heat them but with me I get bored every few days or a week and its a case of trying to force it down in the form of a muffin or crisps or not bother making 1


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it happens because people aren't perfect. you might as well ask why some people who are on SS occasionally slip up and eat or drink something they're not sposed to. They know they shouldn't and it won't be good for them and will hinder their weightloss - and yet they do it anyway. They also know that when they come off the diet they shouldn't be snacking between meals. But people do whatever they must to get through. I don't think anyone thinks cooking / freezing products, or slipping off plan is a good thing, though.


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S: 18st2lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 5st10lb(31.5%)
I do thing to my shakes pepper, herbs spices and such. I'm not having a go I just wanted to know the reason behind it When you know it's reducing the vitamins on a very strict diet. Wouldn't it be easier and safer to move up a step or two and add conventional food x
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I know health should be everyones main concern but in my head I'd rather not have the full vitamins once or twice a week and still loose weight than be on a higher plan and loose it slower! Also the fact that it takes preperation of food out of the equation is what has sold it for me! I pick at food whilst cooking and my portion sizes are ridiculous so at this moment I don't believe I can controll myself


I lurve lurve lurve bars
I always wondered why cambridge make chocolate shakes,chocloate bars etc , I think it is to get you through,I think I miss the chewing and just being able to make something different which resembles food!


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S: 18st2lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 5st10lb(31.5%)
Andju lol I never ate chocolate until CD now I'm a chocolate demon and it's all CD's fault. Hope I can shake the chocolate munching when I finish

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