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CookiesnCream Diary!

Hi everyone!!
I joined minimins a few days ago and it really has inspired me to start my weightloss journey.:D
So I got on the scales this morning thinking I was gonna weigh well over 13stone... I was so scared. But I was pleasantly surprised to see I weigh 12stone 9lbs! It's still over 3 stone more than I want to be, but it feels alot more achievable.
Today is the start of my weightloss journey!!! I gave birth to my second son 5mnths ago, so feel now is the right time to start tackling the weight I gained. With my 1st son it just fell off and after giving birth to him I was happier with my body than ever before! My stomach was flat, my boobs were bigger! (lol) and I was a healthy weight and a size 10-12. I want that back again. I'm going to be realistic and just want a healthy bmi and to get down to a size 12. I'm going to do it slowly, in the hope it will stay off.

I'm a real emotional eater, so I'm gonna be prepared for this. I also have a habit of eating in the evenings partly out of boredom and habit and partly because I am comfort eating. So I'm going to prepare myself for this and keep lots of chopped veggies ready for this time and save some points/calories for some lowfat popcorn sprinkled with a bit of sweetener (yum!) :)

I'm also going to keep a Food diary, which always seems to help me eat less. I've got all the weight watchers books and it has worked well for me in the past, so think I may try that at home.

So.... Day 1: I've taken my little boy to school and instead of taking the car I walked, so got a 30min brisk walk in... a good start. I think I'm now gonna have brekky...ReadyBrek with skimmed milk & a cup of tea with skimmed milk. Need to decide what to cook for tea... needs to be something the whole family can eat..hmmm :confused:
Will post again later.
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Hey cookiesncream!
Congratulations on becoming a mummy again! and welcome to minimins!
I am fairly new on here too and everyone on here is really helpful.
Sounds like you have had the best start! walking and a good breakfast, how has your first day gone? the first few weeks are always the hardest for me, its getting into a routine and i am really trying with the exercise so everything aches right now! even muscles i didnt know i had! lol

Good Luck with your weightloss hun, I am sure you will do great, and if you ever want someone to chat to, come and find me!

Sammy x
Thankyou so much Sammy!!!!! I LOVE your wedding dress!

Well it's been a really hectic week and my diet went out the window after Day4! I still tried not to binge in the evening (which can be one of my downfalls!) but I know I ate FAR too much. I got on the scales this morning and was sure I had gained... but I actually lost 1lb! I know it's not much, but it's a step in the right direction. So I'm quite pleased! I'm going to try and eat healthily this week and really up the exercise. I'm going swimming next week and I'm also going to walk my son to school and back everyday, which will give me 30-40mins brisk walking. Maybe I will check out local gym tarrifs....

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