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Cooking tuna - help


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Have a tuna steak which I am going to sprinkle with chili powder and stick in the oven.

How long do I need to cook it for :confused:
I've never cooked one, but if i did I'd use a roasting bag to keep in moist an lock in the juices. At a guess I think on gas mark5 for about 20mins.


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I always pan-fry tuna and I just do a couple of mins each side but I like it the same as beef - medium-rare !

Prob. about 15-20 mins in a medium oven - and I'd use foil or it may dry out.


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Its gorgeous, do it in the oven for about 15 minutes or it will get dry. I make a little foil envolope and cook ir with onions peppers and seasoning. Oh my why did I start thinking about food!


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I dry fry it only slightly and eat it 'rare' it's my fav way to eat it!


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Thanks for the advice, wrapped the tuna in foil and cooked it for 20 minutes, very nice.
I dont think tuna is allowed in the AAM week. I think you can have it at step 1000cals?? Is that right?? I cant wait to have tuna when moving up the steps. I might steam mine.

Glad you enjoyed your tuna leehal :) mmm yum yum


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Tuna on Step 2 is fine, 190g of fresh or 260g of tinned tuna in spring water.
Ewww, yuck! Tuna is served RAW :) Mmm, sashimi! Every cooked tuna I have had tastes like the stuff from the can, so why should I go through the extra expense for the stuff to cook :)

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