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Coping with holidays...?

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I'm off to France on Thursday, for 10 days. I am looking forward to it obviously! We are staying at a vineyard :party0036:

I'm also dreading it a bit, food and wine wise! I've been losing pretty slowly, so am conscious of relaxing myself a bit too much and gaining easily.

It could be said that holidays are for relaxing and letting yourself indulge food-wise, but I've not lost that much and I really don't want to undo all the good work and hard effort I've been putting into the plan so far.

Has anyone ever managed to lose weight on their hols? Or even maintain? Any ideas about eating strategies?

We are taking our bikes, and I will have my trainers with me so I can do loads of long walks and some running.

I think I'm just panicking really!

Last time I went, (last year) I ate so much on Bastille day I actually had to throw up! :sign0137:
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I can only tell you what I did :cool:

At Xmas we went to my sisters for about 10 days. A lot of alcohol was consumed, many goodies were eaten and also a couple of large meals and buffets were eaten over xmas eve, xmas day and boxing day. I went with the intention of eating well but then it all went t*ts up. But what I did do was keep very active. Had lot's of long walks, mainly to tire the kids out, but it helped to work off my excesses too (I even ate pasties as we were in Cornwall and my BiL's shop makes the best pasties)
When I got back and was weighed, I'd put on 3.5lb, which I didn't think was too bad. But I knuckled down and put in 100% to the plan and in one week I'd lost 3lb. So all damage was repaired in the space of a week :) It can be done and I do believe in living, relaxing and enjoying life when on hols instead of worrying and planning every meal.
But if that doesn't work for you I completely understand, but when you do get down to your target will you still be sticking to plan or will you be eating and drinking what you want during your hols? In which case now is good practice to enjoy yourself on hols and repair the damage immediately upon your return. This is what we are here to learn, how to manage our lives at target as well as to lose weight?


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I would say you could do it....stick to plan during the day....extra easy is the easiest way to do it then you don't feel like you're missing out.....then enjoy a glass of wine - but actually enjoy it - don't just neck it and get drunk!!!
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
then enjoy a glass of wine - but actually enjoy it - don't just neck it and get drunk!!!
Drat and blast! I was hoping someone would say I could neck wine continuously for a week and still lose weight!!!



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Thought this article may help:
Starter sense

Depending on where you’re staying in France, you’ll find a huge variety of fresh and usually local produce being served in restaurants. Look out for vegetables in season such as asperges (asparagus) or artichauts (artichokes), a salade de tomates (tomato salad), crudités (raw vegetable sticks) or clear soups such as consommé – all great for Green days and Original days. If you’re staying near the coast, you’ll be overwhelmed by the incredible seafood on offer including huîtres (oysters), coquilles (scallops) and langoustines (Dublin bay prawns). Cooked lean meats such as Bayonne ham are also very popular and, like the seafood, can be enjoyed as Free on Original and as a Healthy Extra on Green.
Main course - Green

Many French menus, especially in the south, have Italian influences so you should find pasta (pâtes) with vegetable or tomato sauces. Thanks to the North African influence, couscous with roasted veg is popular too. Omelettes are nearly always on the menu, and because they’re always made from scratch it’s easy to ask for no oil, a little cheese or your choice of vegetables to be included. It’s also worth watching our for ‘salades composés’ (main course salads) like Niçoise (with tuna taken as a Healthy Extra). Mediterranean dishes like ratatouille, or tomates provençales (stuffed tomatoes) make filling main courses too, served with rice or pasta. Pommes vapeur (steamed potatoes) with an omelette aux fines herbes (herb omelette) and salad makes a substantial café lunch.
Original options

If you’ve visited France before you may have wandered past the wonderful boucheries with rotisserie chickens roasting outside – irresistible! It’s a great country for meat dishes and bifteck (grilled steak), poulet roti (roast chicken), coté d’agneau (lamb cutlets) and roti de porc (roast pork) are classic main courses in French brasseries. Meat is usually served plain with a choice of sauces or mustards (just as we like them!), followed by a salad, which makes it easy to Food Optimise on Original days. If you like game, go for choices such as caille (quail), lapin (rabbit) or lapareau (hare).
Seafood fans can eat really well in France: a plateau de fruits de mer (seafood platter) can be enough to keep you going all day and they’re filled with completely Free Food! Salmon and tuna are also tasty choices on an Original day when grilled – ask for the sauce on the side to stay in control of your Syns. Popular French dishes such as coq au vin, cassoulet and navarin of lamb are higher-Syn choices as they tend to be cooked in plenty of oil and butter. If you want to indulge, why not have a flexible Syn day and really enjoy your French cuisine!
Good puds

If you can squeeze in a dessert, salade de fruits (fruit salad) or other fresh fruit in season (like peaches, apricots and plums which are at their best in France in summer) are excellent ways to end a meal. Sorbet is an even more popular dessert in France than in the UK and will adorn many a menu. It’s not quite Free but at around 5 Syns for an average portion it’s a good way to end a meal.
Not so angelic afters

If you’re tempted by chocolate mousse, crème brulée or tarte aux citrons (lemon tart) why not order one portion, two spoons and share with a friend. The temptation of the cheese board can be almost irresistible, if you don’t want to pinch a little of someone else’s, don’t forget Flexible Syns or your 2 Healthy Extra ‘a’ choices!


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I spent 2 weeks in France last summer, and gained 2lb, which frankly I was very very pleased with - we drank (lots) and ate cheese (lots) and ate in restaurants (quite a lot) ...

What I did was start each day with a super healthy breakfast - personally I tried to keep it superfree (fruit and yog is my thing) - lots of fruit, simple omlettes etc knowing that I am saving my HE's and syns for later. It *did* take some effort to avoid the croissants/pain au chocolat every morning, but by holding back, I knew I could relax later.

We tried to keep lunch simple - moules, steak, hams, salads, more fresh fruit, yogs - sparkling water or just the one glass of wine. staying virtuous is only possible though if you know you will let your hair down later

In the evening it all went loose lol! baguettes, cheese, butter, wine (a bottle each, most nights?), but keeping the food 'healthyish' - avoiding chips (most of the time), making more sensible food choices, knowing that the occasional desert (and french deserts are fab) would be allowed as I had been polishing my halo all day.

Lots of cycling/walking etc and you should be fine - hope you have a fantastic holiday :D


As footnote to this, we visit Spain regularly to visit my parents, and on the last 2 occasions I have managed to have a small loss - same strategy, perfect breakfast and lunch, sensible(ish) food choices at restaurants (we eat out at restaurants every night when we are there) and as much wine as we fancy :D

It *is* possible to lose weight when on hols, but you need to understand what you want to treat yourself with (in my case, alcohol), and accept that the choices you make through the day are not about being deprived, instead, they are about giving you freedom for your indulgence.
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S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
Oooh great replies! I printed out the stuff from online thanks, and some fab tips there Angie. Really great advice :)

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