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Coping with night shifts?

I am a student nurse and really want to stay on plan, on my night shifts - any advice? Does anyone manage it? I have the urge to just eat whatever to get me through but at the same time I don't want added weight from it :eek:
Hi there
I've been a nurse for too many years to mention & have done many many night shifts......you will get used to them, honestly! On the food front your body clock will be all over the place, but I tend to have......a meal when I get up, sandwiches/salad at approx 2am & then fruit/yoghurt about 6am. I tend not to eat before I go to bed.
However, it all does depend how many you're doing as the first & last night can be a bit odd on the food front. You will find your way with eating on nights, but as with any shift avoid the naughty nibbles that tend to hang around the desk from grateful relatives!
I'm a midwife and do more nights than days, I actually find I lose weight more when I'm on a week of nights! Here's my usual routine:

Day of 1st night - go to the gym in the morning, have a light lunch, have a snooze in the afternoon, have a normal SW dinner, go to work.

During the night I have a 'meal' about 2am ish, either some soup or a pasta salad. And then about 6am have either fruit and yoghurt, or some cereal for breakfast. I don't eat anything when I get home, just go straight to bed.

Wake up about 5pm ish, have a normal, filling SW tea, and go to work again.

I used to struggle so much on weight watchers trying to stretch my points, particularly on my last night when your up all night and most of the next day too, but SW is great, if your hungry then eat, just make sure it's free. Always have a constant supply of fruit and an emergency mugshot in my bag, so that if I'm at work and starving, I can have a free snack to keep me going. And in terms of healthy extras and syns, I go from midnight to midnight. It does get easier, and your body does adjust!

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