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I just want you all to be aware that ALL Slimming World literature is copyrighted.
The people that pay membership are lining the pockets of those that don't and giving them everything for free, I pay mine every week and am a little miffed that people that don't are getting access to member perks.. I have heard that you have to pay extra for the WW website, don't know how true that is.
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I don't pay membership but I hope that "my pockets are not being lined" by others that do and that my "access to members perks" is about giving and receiving the support of other SW people. Thought that was what we were all here for.


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Surely if the recipes are copyrighted then so should the Syn values?

I personally have no issue in giving someone a recipe out of a book that I have paid for. That should be my choice! I also have no probelm in giving someone a Syn value.

But if you are going to enforce the "copyright" issue then you need to enforce it in full and not just enforce it when it suits. All or nothing!!
Yes, I would think that it would be something they told you at class if you weren't allowed to share. In fact, they encourage you to include your family in healthy eating...
Slimming World You are Very Welcome to Slimming World support! We are a warm and friendly support group for people of all ages currently following the slimming world plan. Our aim is to encourage and support each other on our weightloss journey and also to pick up some good hints, tips and recipes along our way to Slimville...

This is the bit off the top of the SW forum page. I think it is a bit naive to think that people wont share actual SW recipes. I pay to use BodyOptimise online and have no problem sharing stuff with others. Some of the recipes are from the magazines and some I think you can access for free on the 7 day trial off the SW website so it would hard to judge which ones can only be accessed by members. I don't understand that legalities of copyright but it is shame if we can't share info, tips etc.
I paid the joining fee and first meeting.. was around £10.. bought myself the food directory and the 30 minute recipe book.. also had the 100 days book which I gave to a friend.. I then decided not to attend.. as the Image therapy was poo.. I get far more here ..so .. do I spend £4.50 a week to be weighed and have access to the SW website that I would never use.. or save my money, come on here, be a team captain for Team FBI and motivate others?? Do you want this site to be available to only paying SW members ??
As a newish member, I have spend hours (well days!) looking through the different threads dating back a long time and most threads contained recipes from SW books, magazines, website etc. So why is it just now being raised as an issue?


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Hmmmm, I dont go class and TBH I have no interest in going to class - my choice so am I not allowed to use this site now as a little extra boost - idea or 2?
I understand the principle of not sharing passwords for the SW site as that is a members right and priviledge. However I see nothing wrong with sharing all other aspects of SW with friends on minis. At the end of the day this is what this forum is ultimatly for.


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i don't think slimming world would mind us promoting the food optimising to other people if it helps them to lose weight, some people cannot afford to go to meetings or do not live near classes but they have all the books and stuff from when they possibly went before

i am not worried about helping them lose weight or giving them the odd syn value if it helps them

i am lucky i can afford to go to meetings and i have a good consultant, and i use the site and i will not stop helping and spurring people on to lose weight that is why i am team leader for the SW angels (incidentally the SW stands for SLIMMING WORLD)
my consultant knows i am on this forum and she has no problems with me helping anyone

the thing that slimming world do not want is for us to give out the passwords for the website which we all know we not to do anyway so how can us giving folk syn values and recipes be hurting someone


I ate my willpower!
The whole point of SW is for people to lose weight. I think they would rather members had a support network during the week to help their members stick to their diet.

If someone joins on the first week and never goes back, but actually goes on to loose a lot of weight, and then tells everyone they lost it with SW, then surely this is the best kind of advertising for them!!

Some members on here would have given up ages ago if it hadn't of been for the support of this forum. A lot of newbies get stuck for ideas and if other members can help, then why not? Life is too short to worry about bloody copyright.


Is so very nearly there!
Well united we stand lol

Im shocked....


We all here to help each other - motivate, give a swift kick or a gentle nudge! Lets not stop now :)
Most of the recipes in the books and on the website are submitted by members. I make up my own recipes cooked the SW way and I am happy to share them with anyone. I would also like to point out that the OP posted this on another thread and I would like to know where this stands in the copyright debate:

from the FAQ's on the website
How does it work?

A: Food Optimising takes account of

  • a food's energy density
  • its health-giving properties
  • its ability to satisfy the appetite quickly
  • its ability to keep us feeling full longer
  • its ability to comfort us
  • and our behavioural patterns.
Using these principles, Food Optimising creates, without distressing hunger, an energy (calorie) deficit which causes the body to draw on its own stores of body fat and convert this to energy.

Q: Can I really eat as much Free Food as I want?

A: Yes, you really can! The stroke of genius behind Food Optimising is its concept of completely unrestricted 'Free Foods'. There is no longer a need to deny yourself or eat guiltily. You are in fact freed from the fear of hunger and the urge to overeat will disappear. Decisions about food become real, not enforced; control comes from choice power, not cast-iron will power. With Food Optimising you can satisfy your appetite on foods you love, and still lose weight!
Hope that helps you understand how it works
It's a tough one, I can't see how the literature can copyrighted completely; people try out and adjust recipes all the time so they then become their own, (no doubt the books are made up from members sent in recipes in the first place lol). As for not being current SW members fair enough we are not contributing but we are also not receiving the perks, many people here have been a member in the past, and purchased the cook books, the directory, the free syn books so surely they are still able to share their information, we just don't attend classes to be weighed, have one to one advice or participate in the therapy-whatsimibobs... :confused: so I suppose that's our loss!!
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