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Core or Points.....

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There are many of us on here that floow ww from home but dont go to the meetings so i would say yes you can if your strick with your self,but i was unable to do this as i was not strick. good luck


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Hi Ally,

You def could do it, from what i have read there are a few people on this forum that do it from home using the points system,as it can sometimes become a bit expensive....as long as you know how many points your allowed decide on a weigh in day and off you go!!



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Hi Ally

I do WW on my own - I can't afford the money and find it difficult to get to meetings because of my girls. If you can keep yourself motivated and have the willpower its easy enough. If there's anything you're not sure about feel free to PM me or start a thread - the points queries sticky is a great help too. Keeping a diary helps a lot as well.

Good luck hun x
Just been looking at peoples diaries and i'm thinking maybe core sounds pretty good... i'm struggling to use all my points (can't believe it but i am!) pros and cons??

Ally xx
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if you're a snacker and you're not big on fruit and veg then points is the way to go, but Core is kinda like a detox - flushes your system as its based mainly on non-processed foods, and you only have a small allowance of processed foods in your diet that week - I've just finished a week on points but the previous fortnight i followed Core and lost 9.5lbs, and felt really really healthy for doing it. Core and Points work really well, so you can swap weekly should you become bored with one plan :) Core you dont have to weigh things either which is GREAT :D
Aw thanks thats really helpful, think i might do well on core as i'm a fruitaholic and hated having to use my points on it :D how many points do you get a week for extras on core is it 20?

Ally xx
S: 19st2lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
21 :)
Personally I find Core a much more sustainable way of losing weight. You can eat lots of good sized, quality meals which fill you up and you don't feel like you're going without. For me it helps me break the unhealthy eating patterns I had before, which when i follow points i find myself slipping back into.

it's just a case of finding what works best for you, but the good thing with WW is that the plans offer enough variety.

Good Luck
I just have no self control so find it easier to stick within strict rules!!!

And I prefer home cooking too

.....and massive portions!

It really is horses for courses!
I do think it's good that there are two different approaches which will suit different people.

I switch between the two, which is allowed as long as you only switch on your wi day and follow your plan for a whole week so I get the best of both worlds :)
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It really is different from person to person, I did the core plan before from home and not at ameeting and found it really hard, I like to have a snack of something other than fruit and veg. Points in perfect for me as I work in childcare I have something to eat when the kids are eating and don't feel like i'm missing out on anything. I've been doing points now for 3 weeks and going to the meetings (and tracking online which is brilliant) and I've lost 14 pounds so far horay! Good luck with it let us know how you're getting on. xxxx :bliss:
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hello - ive done ww from home on my own in the past and will be doing it again in the new year to shift excess baby weight gain.

ive always got all my books off ebay - just got the 2008 shopping giude and eating ut guide brand new for £13 delivered the next day!

just put in weight watchers shopping guide or buy them from the ww website xx

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