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    Off to Tintagel, Cornwall on Saturday for a week. My first week-long holiday for 11 years!!!!! The last time I was in Cornwall, Bude, 25 years ago, my daughter Katy was conceived on that holiday!!! No chance of that happening again tho!! :8855: Going self-catering in a cottage, so hopefully will be able to limit the damage, diet-wise!!!
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  3. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Member

    my partner is cornish and we live now in Derbyshire as its from where Im from, it was a novelty to start with, eating those scrummy pasties, like the ones they do at trago mills there is a lovely little shop there... ohh me is dreaming of pasties... mmm you have a good time its lovely down there
  4. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

    I've always wanted to try one, never had one in my life!
  5. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Have a great time down here Sharon, the weather's not great at the mo but it is still warm.

    Pasties, scones and clotted cream await you!


    I just adore Cornwall. All my wonderful childhood holidays were taken there with my cousins, staying at my Great Aunt & Uncle in Cuthbert, near Newquay. I suffered dreadfully with car sickness every time! :sign0137: They had a boarding house, an old converted dairy, they sold up in the 70's. My son is a Royal Marine and lives in Plympton.....I cant wait to see him as well. I want to show my OH the beauty of Cornwall, he was born in England but spent most of his childhood/teens in St. Lucia, then in the USA, San Francisco, Manhattan (where his mum lives) and Miami....but guess what!!?? He told me he has been happiest in Barking, England wiv MEEEEE!!!!
  7. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Int that luvly!

    If you bump into a shortish, largish Essex lady with fingernails that are sooooooooo long you wonder how she does anything with them PLEASE give her a HUMUNGOUS hug from me. She's one of my best friends and she lives in Tintagel! Her name's Vicki, her husband's name is Harry and they have a MAD Shitzu called Tyson.
    She has a room in one of the shops in the high street where she does tarot readings and possibly reiki as well. She looks like a witch - well she is one actually (seriously) she's Wiccan.

    She's LOVELY!! Have a fandabidozy time!!!xxx


    Hey Jan, I'll try and look her up!!! It'll freak her out if I say, "Hi Vicki, how's Harry and Tyson then??" I can see the weather isn't great there, but I don't really do sunbathing anymore, I'm just going to enjoy the scenery etc. Can't wait!!! Have a great week yourself.
  9. dia1972

    dia1972 Full Member

    Having spent three weeks in Cornwall just after refeeding, my advice is this.... try and get towards the end of the week before that cornish pastie. Once you eat one, you may well have several more !!! The Chough bakery in Padstow is the best one, I think! Or the cafe at Daymer Bay :)

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