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Cosmetic Surgery - Who is considering it?


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I want my boobs reducing and a HUGEEEE uplift haha

dont know about the rest yet, still fill my skin to much to see if its wrinkly haha xx
I would consider it, if I have the loose skin problem that some people seem to get.

However, from some of the reading I've done up on the subject, it appears that the loose skin issue won't happen (or at least not so much that it needs surgery) if you continue to work on building muscle and losing fat. That is, if you manage to bring your body-fat percentage down to something like 8%, the skin will tighten without the need for surgery.

Now, I haven't seen any conclusive evidence that this is the case, but I'm keeping it in mind.


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Well if i happen to get saggy skin (which im hoping i dont) i have already considered a tummy tuck. And i would like a boob job, not to make them huge but just nice, firm and full C/D cup :) but that is a loooong way off - first i have to pay off uni debts!! hahahaha heres hope to winning the lotto!!!!!


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My tummy is battle scarred from carrying two large babies and not being bothered to anything about it after they were born :(

I don't htink my stomach will ever be flat, but I have noticed since that horrid picture of me on my profile was took (first day of diet) that my stomach has gone down considerable (I am wearing jeans today!!).

I had been seeing my doc about gastric problems (pre ulcer state they said) and since I havent been eating crap food, the bloating has gone down loads.

I must get my daughter to take another pic of me tonight!!

So....surgery....its a nice thought, but its bloody expensive and nothing a nice sexy corset wont hide!! ;-)


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I find ethel austins pull-me-ins lol were very good for holding wobbly bits!

Only about £5 aswell

Ethel? Wow they named that to appeal the masses hehehe......*now goes to google* :D

The worst thing (and I dont think ethel can help!) is when you lie in bed with yer other half in the spoons position and he leisurely drapes his arm around your middle :mad: I hate that! :D

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Definately tummy tuck and small boob job and maybe a mini face lift if needed. XX


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One thing is for sure - at the end of my journey i will be getting a tattoo on my wrist of japanese blossoms. I have wanted them for a while and now that i am on this journey, it kinda seems appropriate to do it at the end as a treat to myself :)

And pull me in pants .... they are sooooooo uncomfy!!!


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Ive got my consultation for uplift and implantsthe end of march. My boobs have dropped a little since i breastfed my daughter, but Im not 100% on it yet as I dont fancy the massive scar. Ive always scarred really bad and I dont think they quite bad enough yet when I consider this!! lol. I was looking at cosmetica travel also, but was put off by horror stories. Id love to hear from someone who has been x


Crawling to the finish!
Oh Kirsty, My sisters implants were only £3200 with Birkdale clinic, its a free consultation so have a look into before coughing up! Wish I could just get implants but the advisor explained if I feel i need n uplift and implant will make it worse! Im going to wait until Ive had my last baby in a couple of years x
at one point i wanted liposuction but then i kept thinking of my lil girl and thought id try to diet and eat healthyier i dont like hospitals unless i really have to im not sure what the percentage of safety is and id be scared if i had any bad scares but i hope it goes well for any one who has surgery x


I will be skinny again!!!
I would love to get my boobs done!!
Ive just got a claim through today from a car accident but would still have to save up more...

Im just hoping ill one day wake up and they will have grown!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Yup i def will :)

And summer, I have a flower tattooed on my wrist.. i love it :)


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