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Cosmicangel has landed, Diary and Ramblings.

Decided to take the bull by the horns and put my thoughs, diet, ups and downs in a diary, then perhaps I will track any ups and downs and the causes.
So to cut a long story short, I signed up at a RC class last week, had one weigh in with a 3lb loss, I'm on the second week, and everything is going OK, had a blimp day today, so tea was a vegetable stir fry, Beansprouts, mushrooms, pepper, onions, corn, ....and them pea pod things.... Mangytout.. and soy sauce, that made up for the Bun I had today instead of breakfast.
My other half is going to have Cheese on Toast (MMmMmmm) and I really fancies some chips with Cheese and mayo (MmMMmMmmmM).. he's now poured himself a glass of Mead.. so instead of opening a bottle of wine ('cause its naughty this week) I am going to have a brandy before I go to bed.. still naughty, but I am doing good and I need a little drink, its been a stressful day.... (went and had, what may be my last cuddle with a dear friend, shes v ill) I also managed to avoid more naughties, so ATM my will power is good.
I have eat healthily over the past few years, but havent managed to shift the weight, been looking into this GI thing, and hopefully it will be another life changing way for me. I am now at an age, where I need to look after my body, my knees are suffering from wear and tear (which may be the results of tripping up kerbs when under the influence :p). My life style has changed, and for once in my life I am quite content, so the weight loss is for me and my health, so I can enjoy the rest of my life, with out the excess weight being a hinderence.
Time for my drink... (I'm going to take it upstairs, and put something on the telly, before he makes toast .. with lashings of strong cheddar... and teases me.. I could just lick his lips :eek:... noooo noooo get behind me satan)...
Lets see what tomorrow brings. :rolleyes:
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I used to do RC and did very well on it. Unfortunately, there are none at all in the area where I now live.

Good luck with your weight loss journey :)
RC is Rosemary Conley .. Kitteh
I had never tried it before Russiandoll, there wasnt one where I used to live, and I have recently moved to this area (and now with a job sitting on my growing butt, instead of being active.)

I missed the C on T, I didnt even smell it, but a small sliver of cheese has been left in the fridge, frightened it may just jump into my mouth.... (like it does, you know, when you are not even looking, what if I sucked it and didnt swallow? ...OOOoooERRR that sounds rude :cool:).. slopes away, back upstairs, away from the fridge.....:wave_cry:


Losing the baby fat
hey cosmic angel, for you knees i'd try glucosamine. i tell the difference when i stop taking it.
I'm one of these that goes yeh yeh, these things never work, but that really does.

as for cheese, dont cut it out - i get tesco edam slices, 80 cals a slice, but i did get one pack from somewhere which was 69 cals a slice and i cant rememebr which shop i got it from:confused::cry:

and you can still have chips, cheese and mayo - just go for thick oven cut less fat chips, 1 slice of edam and a bit of extra light mayo.
wont break the calorie bank and if you deny yourself you'll start resenting all this and be more likely to succumb to proper chips, cheese and mayo. Or a box of micro chips even.
Thanks for the advice, I do have glucosamine, and need to take it every day, if I forget .... anyway
I cant stand EDAM.. its RUBBER lol, nice bit of stilton would be great hehe, so I avoid.
I dont bother with oven chips, I should really make myself some wedges, but Im trying to keep out of the kitchen as much as I can ATM... however, the problem has been solved, delivery came with tools and stuff for my other half, and the remodel of said kitchen begins today, and I have to find convenience foods for the next week (no sink to wash up either)... laters, Im off to tidy out spare room from all my junk, clothes, shoes etc.....
I didn't do all I planned yesterday, it slightly went to pot....
.. didnt do my clearing out, I had planned to take my lover out for his birthday meal, but the restaurant was closed (lucky I checked), he said he prefered to have Pizza, so I ordered online for later that evening, thought about having chicken and salad off the menu, and my RC mag fell open on the right page, showing me I would be foolish.... looking at the cost of flights to Australia, I found what we were looking for at the best price we had seen, I was given charge of his bank card, and its booked 3rd May - 24th May, so off I went to tesco's, got a small cooked chicken, salad and fruit for me, got him a small Special Chocolate cake.. returned ravenous.
Had a lovely salad, with enough to have my lunch of Chicken salad sandwich for supper. I will admit to having a small piece of his pizza (due to a Large one turning up instead of the medium one ordered), I opened a bottle of wine and managed to have 1 glass instead of a whole bottle.
With all the temptation about me, I think I did very well, I was slightly naughty but not to excess.
This morning he went off exploring with his mates, I popped on the scales and no damage was done, (its looking like I will have another loss this week) had my bran flakes, went shopping for a few bits to wrap up for him, decided I wasnt buying myself anything, walked past Subway, and wasn't tempted, Cafe Nero smelt lush.. decided I would get him to take a photo of me now, cause reading other's journals etc the results look brilliant. I dont have a full length mirror up yet, (I have 2 waiting for him to fix to a decent wall) so dont look at myself, unless I am in the works loo (im sure that one is warped as my bum looks big in everything hahaha). Home to a cuppa slim soup with a Chicken salad sandwich, wrapped up his pressies and now having 10 mins before I clear some clothes and shoes for a charity collection tomorrow.
Chocolate cake keeps looking at me, everytime I go into the fridge...... im going upstairs !!!! :wave_cry:


Losing the baby fat
does your boyfriend know you were planning on taking your lover out?;) I think you did very well yesterday! Didnt go to pot at all (unless you have eaten all that chocolate cake :eek:)
birthdays, well any special occasion is hard, they all involve food, but they arent every day thank god! i think we have to just make allowances for ourselves and not be too hard at those times IF we sneak a bit extra that we maybe shouldnt. We've still got a life to live afterall.
Yep i do the staying upstairs bit too, it works! As i have a habit of just gettin up and going in the kitchen then thinking what am i doing? i didnt even want to come in here -- just habit!
..grapes... the choccky (I swore again)... CAKE.. (forgive my language) is still intact... he (of many names depending on my mood) won't be home for a while.
In my charity bag I put, shoes and a mustard suit, its my fat girl one, smart... but time it went, my blonde hair makes me look nothing in it, I have a *sequin posh frock* hanging up, it was never the size 18 it should have been, so thats a target garment for now, I don't know if I will ever go anywhere to wear it now days, but I can dream.......
.......heck I'm off for a shower, away from the kitchen :wave_cry:


Losing the baby fat
good point to have an incentive item cosmic!
But i warn you - make sure you get to wear it, because it's quite possible you'll go to try it on and it's TOO BIG!!!
I had a size 16 skirt that i never got to wore, i forgot i had it - i'm not complaining really lol, but it was a nice skirt and was a shame it jut hung in my wardrobe far too small then too big!
So keep trying it on!!!!!:party0048:
" Im a good gorl, I am.." done in a cockney accent.
Where have I been ?
Well Monday I was back at work, as the kitchen is a tip and hardly accessable I skipped breakfast, had a 90 cal special k bar, had my ham sandwich from the girlie and fruit which I had taken in, came home starving, and did a shop with my other half, who brought me some ready meals as I can only access the micro. Had a low fat (4.2) 385 cal spicey meal, which was quite nice. He had a giant bowl of some chocolate encrusted cereal...
Tuesday, the sandwich girl didnt manage to get a Chicken salad sandwich for me, so I had another ham one, (isnt that boring.?... it works for me ! safer than the mayo encrusted ones) plenty of fruit and a shape yoghut, tonight I had another lowfat meal, then a small bowl of branflakes and prunes .... (for obvious reasons) slightly upset, as the scales had gone up again, prob due to me not managing my breakfast in the morning, and not doing the obvious :eek:.....

.........wow thats wierd, I can hear birds whisteling outside... its 02.22 !!

Weigh in tonight (Wednesday) and I am hoping my bodily functions kick in tomorrow, the girls in work had pancakes today, they brought in Aunt Bessies and toppings, I didnt even sniff them... asked why.. stated I want to fit comfortable in a airplane seat in May. (and from years of being a chef, I much prefer my own). Couldnt cook any at home for the food monster, he would like some when the kitchen is finished.. another week at least....
I havent felt hungry today, so a bit concerned my body has now reverted back to the *oh she's on another diet mode* so have to make sure I eat enough of the right food (which I thought I was.. )..more fluids? not good as some days I have to sit on a customer focus desk, and cant access the loo easily.
Nice to see my friend KKG has joined us.
Thinks I will try and get some more fluids into me before I return to slumber.. (and get up every 1/2 for the rest of the night lol) laters ......xxx
If I sat on them, they would prob bite me !!
I am not feeling good about my weigh in tonight (and not wanting the there there there, ...) but I know anything is good, so will be back later xx
.....bit unhappy tonight, I lost yes.. but a measly 1/2 lb, :cry:but then thats a total of 4lb lost in 2 weeks so better than a gain !
My luver :hug99:said at least I am over half way to 1/2 stone !! and if I loose 1/2 stone a month it will be what I want to loose before May !
Now I have to eat 420 calories more a day (because I'm old and fat :rolleyes:) I can understand the logic in it, I also have to have breakfast... I have sufficient fluids.. I was peeing for the whole street last night when I tried to get back to sleep, everytime I nearly dozed off into a comfortable dream world, my bladder said "I cant hold this till you get up," thank goodness Im on the side of the bed nearest the loo !!
My slimming buddy from work didnt loose anything, and the 2 girls who started the same night as me only lost 1/2 lb as well.
Now I need to find the right food to get my motions moving as well, I have branflakes and prunes, but .....ziltch the past few days.
I havent measured myself, 'cause my sewing stuff with the tape measure is tucked away, and I am not going to use the metal one.
I do know my bum has shrunk, cause doing the prancing about after weigh in my leggings were falling down ! I refuse to buy new track bottoms till Im at size smaller.
Well I am now starving and need some food..... :eat:...what the heck am I going to have, I cant get in the kitchen... Torchwood in and hour.. now thats some thing I enjoy watching....laters xx.....fooooood here I come !​
Cheers for that, (I do love Apricots) I will go to the dried fruit and nut shop tomorrow, and make them last !!!..
I have just put my healthy eatingish 350cal 4% fat fish pie in the oven (he's having a steak and kiddly pie) and veg in the sauce pan (hes having real mash with butter.....).. just noticed my ticker was only set at 3 last week (cause it doesnt do 1/2's) so it looks better than I thought...
I am NOT GIVING UP !! I need this to work this time, I am not getting any younger, and I do appreciate any support or advice given, much appreciated, and I will try not to make excuses.
I also need to exercise..... *winks at luver*.... :D
Oh yes, I was also pissed off at work today, which hasnt helped my mood, got a couple of hours training tomorrow *dealing with stress* instead of real work.. should be FUN!...
Right thats all for now........
thanks for that !
Today I have had so far...
250 bacon tom lettuce sandwich
50 yoghut
300 ham sandwich
50 grapes
100 s/milk Water/coffee etc
total ........ 750 cals....
had 1/4 of a large pizza !!!!!!

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