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Cost of 1 shake?


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Im thinking ahead again, as always! and when i am back from my holidays i am planning on having two shakes a day (or the free maintaince products ive blagged) and 1 healthy meal (salad, fish, chicken) a day. almost like day 1/2 of refeed but all the time to help me lose the last stone or so .... but!

How much would buying 1 shake on its own from the chemist be?

As i would need 14 shakes and not 21 a week so .... would it be £36/21shakes soooooooo £1.70ish ....
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my chemist says they just devide the amount between the 21shakes so yeh i think thats right tanya xx
hi my mate asked about the maintenance cost when she went in today and they said it was 11 pound for 7 shakes!! hope that helps xxxx


Here we go again!
Hi Tanya, I was thinking about that for the refeeding weeks too. I might ask this Saturday and see what they say. Will let you know.


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Oooh be good if you could let me know bev - thanks :D


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I've been charged £1.70 for the odd extra shake I've bought but I don't know about the maintenance ones. Give LT a ring because you can order maintenance products directly from them so they'll tell you how much they are. x


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My Pharmacy wouldnt sell the normal lipotrim shakes individually, only as a batch of 21, but she would sell the maintenance ones seperately. Must be something in it for them.


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well i paid 3.60 in euro for each of my extras to tide my through till tomorrow (sat)! i was shocked, my whole lot came to 65 for the 21 and 21 euro? i think more for the extra 6!!! lol....


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£2.10 each in my pharmacy. I was going to ease myself into re-feed like that too (when the time comes!) as I think LT's programme of one week is to short? Just my opinion.
Everything is SO expensive in Ireland, you poor things!

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