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Cost Of Food!?


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So, am thinking about refeeding! I still have just over 6 weeks to go but trying to plan my money (im a major planner of everything you see lol)

I'm thinking £20 a week on food ... reckon this is doable?

I think the most expensive things will be the chicken and fish (although i know i can buy these frozen for about £4 a bag - roughly 6 bits in each) i buy but veg isnt too bad, neither is fruit and ill be avoiding bread & carbs like the plague!!!! also, no bad foods like crisps and chocolate (well only once in a while)

So weekly shop of £20 (£80 a month) for just me seems about right i think ... doesnt it???
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That sounds perfect, we generally spend about £100 a month and that's for the two of us. The thing to look out for is the offers. Tesco has a fab deal on chicken and pork 3 packs of 4/5 pieces for £10.
I must be going wrong somewhere!!!! ha ha!! food cost's me a fortune!!!! I am fussy about chichen and fish though (I have to check where its come from etc.) also salad stuff doesnt last long so I am always buying fresh. I was saving loads on LT. So good on you hun if you can shop for that amount thats fab!!!


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Hmm thats what im thinking!

I know asda too does packs of meat 3 for £10 fresh meat so thats always an option and then i can freeze it myself and cook meals and freeze them - which is another option!

I plan on sticking to LT after my holiday but having 2 shakes and a meal a day just to lose my final stone or so so i think £20 a week will be plenty right?

And like you said floridagirl - salad stuff will have to get bought every few days! :D


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Depending on what salad stuff you want to get you'd be surprised how long it lasts. My cucumber can last up to two weeks as long as I wrap it properly (with my wrapping technique our cheese lasts about 4 months!). Keeping as much as you can in the fridge helps it last too, especially for fruit.
£20 for 1 meal a day is definitely enough! Asda are apparently fantastic for deals according to my mum!

LT was so expensive for us! >< We've had two years of practise though at getting our moneys worth thanks to being student lol. You'd be surprised what you can save if you just plan out what you're going to eat. I'm fantastically fussy about what I eat and generally have to go for the more expensive stuff because the cheaper alternative is so overly processed for my stomach to handle.
I imagine we save a bit because we don't buy fruit and veg (bar my cucumber, corn and some apples) but going for things that are dried (rice, pasta, noodles) or you can freeze like meat, veg and even bread saves you so much because you're not constantly buying more because you had to throw out the stuff that went off. If you don't have a big family a whole loaf of bread and fruit & veg will likely go off before you can finish it all if it's left out so we either chill or freeze it and then get out only what we need.


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Yep thats what i plan to do seph.

Each week buy ingredients for making 2/3 different healthy meals that will last me a week and that i can freeze - gives me variety and helps on the money cost too if i can batch it!

things like caserols i love - load it with veg and meat and freeze - ideal meal! :)

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