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cost of lipotrim

rainbow brite

I just got off the phone with my local pharmacy and the lady there told me it was going to cost me £36 per week for 3 sachets per day. x

Oh, and I live in the UK...


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where are u sarah? i know i was gutted! im tempted to go into a chemist back home next week but because im 9 stone 6 they might not give me any

rainbow brite

That is an awful lot of money. I read somewhere that it varies all over the country though :(
I'm in Berkshire. Think you might have a problem getting them hun, at 9 stone 6. My LT supplier told me you have to have 3 stone to lose. Have you tried ebay? x


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well my start weight was 10.4 and have lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks so i do not think another chemist will let me buy some, my chemist here have said my lowest weight is 7.3 but theres no way i want to go that skinny!
i wouldnt buy them from ebay cos i have heard they can be counterfeits (fake) so would rather buy them from a proper chemist so i know exactly what im getting


Says it as it is!!!
ebay is dearer anyway...but even paying £51 you are not buying food ...so still works out cheaper x


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I've found a good supplier online that does 42 shakes (any mixture of flavours) @ £95 inc P&P... PM me if you need the email addy :)
The price depends on if you are male or female. My chemists told me the female is £36, male is £48. Men do have more lipotrim than women - I think men is 160g a day and women 120g, which is why there's a difference in the price.

I'd stick clear of ebay - it costs more, and there is always the worry of counterfeits...
Hiya my friend who does LT in the uk said its 36 quid a week- here in ireland its £51 :mad:
Hi there im from cookstown and i pay £45 for female lipotrim i also heard it was much cheaper in the UK but its not a good idea to buy it over the internet as it could be fake stuff:rolleyes:
Yep price is ridiculous, but hey it works. A friend of mine who is a Pharmacist (not the one I go to) says there is a 150% mark up on LT for Chemists
I personally think its reasonably priced for a amazing results. But it is worth shopping around if possible.


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Buying Lipotrim on line without supervision is very dangerous and maybe putting your health at risk.

Vlcd's are not suitable for everyone.

You have no way of knowing what you buy on line is the real thing without getting the contents anaylized.

Vlcd's work and work well if you follow instructions and know that you have no medical contradictions and are supervised throughout the course of your weight loss journey.

We here on MiniMins can not and will not condone the purchase of Lipotrim from an unknown source who are not licensed to sell Lipotrim.

Your health is your wealth and what might at first seem like a cheap option may cost you dear in the long run.

I pay £38. My chemist is lushious tho so id gladly give him the extra 2 quid anyhoo x
I pay £33 thats only £1.57 a meal I dont think thats too bad

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