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Cost of RC diet


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Hi all.

I am currently on the Lipotrim diet, and have gone from 17st3lbs, and after 18 weeks I am 11st8lbs, I want to lose some more before starting to eat again, but want to be prepared for when I do.

I would like to stick to a diet plan, so I can try and ensure the weight doesn't go back on, and I preferred RC, as opposed to WW/SW, due to the weekly exercise.

What I was wandering is, are the recipes/diet, expensive to follow? My weekly food budget is not a lot, and would like a diet a would be able to maintain. How much would you say it would cost approx per week for the recipes??

And also, any idea what the average weight loss is following RC? Any other ideas/info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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I don't find the cost of the diet any more than the normal day to day crap I used to eat, it just means looking on the back of a pack to check the % fat in 100g and to eat more fresh fruit and veg! Oh and think of the type of food you eat i.e basmati rice is lower GI than long grain so will therefore keep you fuller for longer and doesn't cost any more, but all that information is given to you in class. I'm a single parent so to me every penny counts.

However I save a fortune by not visiting the takeaways!

You don't need to follow the recipes, they are there as a guidline.

I think they say the average loss in the first 2 weeks kick start diet is 7lbs but that is obviously dependant on your start weight and you stick to the diet! (I lost 12lbs in the first 2 weeks)

Good luck with the diet if you choose this route
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Certainly not too expensive to follow in my opinion. A typical day of food for me would be

Bowl of cereal (eg. 2 weetabix or bowl of branflakes), plus a small glass of OJ or small piece of fruit.
Piece of fruit mid morning
Sandwich for lunch (2 slices of whole grain bread, extra light cream cheese, ham, salad), plus maybe a piece of fruit or low fat yoghurt
Fruit / low fat snack bar / dried fruit and nuts for mid afternoon
Simple heathy dinner eg. small chicken breast, veg and new potatoes, salmon and vegetables with couscous, home made bolognaise and pasta, steak and salad etc.

We always keep a bag of pasta in and a jar of low fat tomato sauce, as that's always great with a bit of meat or tuna for an emergency dinner.

it can be as expensive or as cheap as you want really :)
That sounds quite encouraging, thank you,I will seriously consider it. I appreciate your advice. Weight losses sounds great.

What made you choose RC over SW/WW? Sorry more questions lol. Want to make doubly sure I make the right choice I can stick to as I so do not want to put the weight back on after all this hard work!!
Personally I think RC is much more of a balanced diet and gives you more flexibility. With RC it doesn't feel like you've left the usual eating plan, just reduced fat intake and increased fruit/veg. It's just a healthy way of eating standard/mainstream food.

You also get a 100cal treat and 100cal towards a glass of alcohol daily, neither of which I really want most days!
I agree with Sarah, and also I have tried WW and RC before (only succeeded on RC but I moved area and didn't keep it up) . I find the WW points and SW syns things or red/green days way too complicated esp with a family; wondering if its ok to eat if its something out of the ordinary, but it works for some, just not my simple mind. I know I can pick up anything in the shop, look on the packet and know instantly if I can eat it or not (by the %fat or the calories if its a treat).

On top of that you get exercise thrown into your class for the same money as other diets - BONUS!!!

Thanks guys,you have been really helpful. I am going to ring my local leader tomorrow, then hopefully go to my first class on Monday (still on LT, but want to get organised before I start eating again!). Good luck to you all with your weight losses.Hopefully see back on this section again when I start eating again -and hopefully maintaining!!

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