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Its £36 per week, but I find it cheaper than eating normal food. I would normally buy shopping, treats in work, cans of coke, biscuits, crisps etc, then alcohol on the weekend and it amounted to more than £36.


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It's £44 for me in N Ireland, but like Kered said- I'd probably spend that much anyway?


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£48 for me where I live


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Ireland is more expensive and male lipotrim is also more expensive, but female is £36 outside of Ireland.

Dont ask why, but it stinks.


Here we go again!
I'm the same as Kered. The amount I used to spend on rubbish and treats was way more than £36.00 per week. We are actually saving money with me doing this. We do a weekly shop now for about £40 and with my LT on top we are still spending less than before.

I love this diet and would definitely say the money is worth it! If you can afford I would say give it a go, it really does work!
Normally its 67 euro here in Dublin but the chemist is doing a special till the end of April for 57 euro, we seem to get scr*wed on everything in the south!!

yup I pay 67euro too(we do get screwed in the south) and I didnt get an option of a special offer either, but I still think it costs less than I would spend normally on rubbish (Just that you have to pay it all together )

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i seem to pay les than everyone else i only pay £30 here in liverpool

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