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Hi - i'm considering Lighter Life however the website is very good at avoiding telling the consumer how much it all costs. I've not a lot of money spare after my mortgage and bills etc but have to weigh up the the pros and cons of putting my hard earned money into this so can anyone tell me how much it costs to do Lighter Life? Many thanks! Laura xx
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Yes thats right Eclipse. Its £66 per week. I originally thought I couldn't afford to do it but its like this: I spent more than £66 per week in the first place getting to the size I did. I have been on the programme for 9 weeks now and am actually saving money!! I mean if you actually sat down and worked out what you spend every week on food and drink then I can practically gaurentee that you are spending more than £66!! Be honest with yourself when ssorting out your budget and shopping list. I hope you can do it mate. It really is life changing!
Good luck.


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Well put Lisa. I completely agree. It is a bit more expensive than other VLCD's but I really think it is worth the extra because of the Counciling/group sessions involved.

It has completely changed my life. I have lost 3st 4lb and gone from a big 22 to a small 18. It is sooooo worth all the hard work.

Good luck in which ever decsion you make x x
It sounds a lot but it's well worth it. I had so much more money when I was doing it as that was all I was buying, no drinks or snacks at petrol stations, no weekly shopping,no paying for takeaways or meals out, or alcoholic drinks, no popping out for a pint of milk and coming back with armfuls of food too. It sounds a lot but in real terms it isn't. And it's well worth and sacrifice you may have to make.


Likes Vanilla Lattes
Thanks for the advice guys. My partner and I have just bought a house and we have £50 per week for food for both of us and I promise you we never go over this between us! I'm so strict with my pennies (bit tight sometimes!). I do the weekly shop on a Sunday and i have a shopping list that only ever gets messed up when he comes with me otherwise i'm very good with it so as much as I can see the benefits spending more than my weekly food budget for 2 on just myself is a real pull on the wrong side for me. I am really tempted but I have only £300 spare and that would all go on Lighter Life if I did it and i wouldn't be able to buy anything else like the necessities! Its definitely something I will consider but not very lightly unfortunately. I think I will do a diary of what I am spending daily and just see if I am going way over than what I perceive on first glance. Thanks again so much for the tips :eek:) xxx
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If money really is that much of an issue at the moment then you could have a look into the Cambridge Diet. I know that is very similar but a lot cheaper, although you don't have the weekly group sessions.

You could post a message on that forum to find out more info.


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Lipotrim is also cheaper £36.00 per week. go to www.lipotrim.com and see if a chemist near you supplies it. Also you don't get groups or counselling, but you do get support on here and from your pharmacy who weighs you each week. hope this helps. Good luck xx P.S check out the lipotrim threads on here.

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