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could I do it alone


taking one day at a time
hi everyone ,
I have tried every diet going ww cc and sw over the years I have been cc but kept falling off plan:break_diet:and im getting really fed up .I have an old book with the green and red day choices its a few years old do you think with the help off the forums I could go it alone wihtout paying £60 to join on line as I cant really afford it at thims time but really need to start tomorrow and stick to it any advise appreciated x:cry:
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I do WW. I couldn't go it alone I need to go to the class.

But everyone is different. You could join and pick up the current books and see if you can go it alone
Good luck
Irene x


I ate my willpower!
Some things have changed on SW so your old books may no longer be any good. You could buy some books from Ebay but make sure they are the lastest ones. It would cost you £9.50 to join a class and you can get the latest books then. You could continue going to class or just go for the 1st week to get your books.

I go to a class because I need the regular weigh in. If I didn't then I know I would cheat!
I think what Space has said... go to one class and get your new books as they have changed...

I do it alone at home and doing really well. am on week 10 too I think lol... we are all here to help you in your journey ... there are recipes here to... so try that and see how it goes.

Good luck! oh and welcome to MM x
hey hun, im now in week 10 and i cant afford classes, i borrowed books from my mum and got someone to get me a food directory and do it dfrom that, if it wernt for this forum i prob would have fallen off the wagon last week, but everyone picked me up and im back on plan, give it a try, youv got nothing to lose x x x mail me for support if u like "the go-it-aloners!" haha x good luck x x


taking one day at a time
aw thank you all I have deicded to give ita go and im thinking about joining on line as I cant go to a class really with work ahd looking after my little one and I thought the £5 a week wouldj only be what I spend on takeaways and drinks so whay not join on line to get all the info

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