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Could someone do me a favour please???


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Hey- sorry 2 be cheeky but iv gone back home for the weekend and want to cook the "spicy chicken" recipe from the RTM small recipe book that we was given.
Although I have forgot the book!
Could someone who has the book please post the recipe up I know this is dead cheeky but want to impress my family cos its soooo tasty :D
thanks guys
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Hi Kellie, I have copied and pasted this from the RTM Website, hope this is the one, as my books are at home and I am at work.

Spicy chicken​
1 chicken breast
3 tbsp stock
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 piece fresh ginger or 1 tsp dried ginger
½ hot green chilli or ½ tsp chopped chilli
3 tbsp coriander, chopped
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp ground cumin
½ tsp ground coriander
¼ tsp ground turmeric
1 pinch cayenne pepper
Chop the ginger and mix with two teaspoons of water into a paste. Heat the stock in a wide
non-stick pan, add the chicken and brown, then remove. Place the garlic and chilli into the pan
with the stock and ‘fry’. Add the ginger paste, herbs and spices and cook for one minute. Return
the chicken, add the lemon juice and two tablespoons of water. Cover and cook for 15 minutes.​
Turn the chicken and continue to cook until tender


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Your a STAR!!
thanks a million xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hey no worries, enjoy, can i also come round for some pls, make some for my B'day tomorrow, lol, hehe!

Have a gr8 time at home and enjoy the cooking and eating, :)


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anytime hun :)
Have a fab birthday tomorrow chick-I hope the weather holds out and you have a happy sunny day!
ill think of you when im eating my chicken :) xxxx


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Cheers Kellie, you never guess what, its only going to be raining all day tomorrow (starting from tonight), :( Heavy Rain as well)..... That's just typical, but i am celebrating from Tomorrow all the way until Sunday, wooohoooo.

Going to be 28 (so i am an old fogie), you enjoy being young while u cna babe! Take care and hope the weather is good, ur end! :)


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I love spicy chicken, gonna do some of this next week.

Not so much of the old fogie business Slim! I am going to be 37 in a couple of weeks!!!

I am off for the weekend to my sister's, she was 40 on Monday so we are having a big celebration. I am a bit worried about drinking too much and pigging out though! I bet there isn't going to be much healthy food on the table.


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Hey Ali, OMG, u look fantastic for your age, what's the secret?? and you're a mother, thats brillant! Are you planning anything nice for your Birthday? I'm sure u will be fine at your Sister's party! At the end of the day you have control now, so you can treat yourself here and there but in moderation!

I wish I could have my B'day cake :(. Oh well, never mind, will have total 0% yogurt and jelly instead. I am celebrating all this week from tomorrow, until sunday.


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Hey Ali, OMG, u look fantastic for your age,
Blooming heck - if you look fantastic for "your age" Ali, I must really be a fossil - I'm already 37 years YOUNG!!!! AND only 9 months away from being 38.


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You lot are making me feel really old - i'm 40 :eek: in September. I don't feel it, God i hope I don't look it but I am.

I was simply determined that i was not going to be fat AND 40!!!

When my LLC sends me my piccies via email i shall try and upload them but technology is not one of my strong points.:rolleyes:
Can I just say you all look good for your ages and give me hope! I'm 27 and going through the quarter life crisis about getting on a bit - daft isn't it!!

Thanks so much as well for posting the recipe as I've been ill this week and only ran in and out of the meeting to get weighed/get my packs. Am on week 5. looked this morning and realised that I can have 2 protein meals and instantly wondered what I can cook as I am so out of the habit. I can see me retreating back to my bar and an apple for lunch as thats what I find is enough for me now! lol!!

My fiance is away this week and its just me and mil in the house so I will cook this for us tomorrow if I'm feeling better for dinner. She's been so supportive I've been looking forward to cooking us a nice meal! :D


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oh enjoy the spicy chicken- its my fave witha huge salad!
really tasty :)

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