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Could someone please explain


Grappling with life
If you do activity you can earn more points based on your weight, intensity and duration. Are you an esource subscriber? There is a calculator on there that works it out for you.

Most people I know don't eat their activity points.

Hope that helps?
No i don't think i'll use them!! :D only heard about them today!! i've been doing 30-45mins in the gym so how many does that earn?
It depends on the intensity level, how much you weigh and how many minutes done-
Low- regular breathing-no sweating-talking yes-singing yes
Moderate-often and deep-sweating after 10mins-talking yes-singing no
High-rapid and deep breathing-sweating after 3-5min-talking briefly-singing no

based on you weight you'd get
1.5 to 2pts if done moderately
3-3.5 for high
1-1.5 for low
The reason i feel most people don't use them, is one being afraid to over eating and this is due to people not knowing what intensity they should treat their exercise as, some feel what they do is high... whereas it turns out to me medium, and therefore they calculate more points earned through using high... and going over as it's only medium etc! That's the reason why i didn't use AP anyway! :D but it's always handy for those who go out more often during the week and need to earn more points for meals etc :)

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